How many ounces in an ounce?

While I loved my huel shaker (past tense because the cap broke off and I thought shaking it without the cap was a bad idea), I had a question regarding the measurments on the side. I assumed them to be ounces, but 16.9 oz. of water was nearing the 20 mark. Are the measurements not ounces?

Mine is marked in milliliters

I have two Huel shakers and one is measured in milliliters and the other in ounces. I’ve never checked the accuracy of the marks though.

This may be an obvious question, but is that closer to 20 with or without the powder?

The 20ml is the standard serving–or around 16oz as well. The liquid can increase or decrease if you want a thicker or thinner Huel.

LOL, 20ml is about four teaspoons. 475ml is closer to 16oz. Although both are probably more accurate than my method: stick two fingers just under the final level I want, then fill with water to just below the lower finger. Add my three scoops of Huel and it’s right where I want it to be.

Oopsie daisy! You are right. Let’s ignore my first comment:

20oz is around 500ml. So if you have a ml bottle, fill up the water to that mark. If you have the oz bottle, fill it up to the 20oz.

Again these are just suggestions. I prefer more around 25oz of water because I like a thinner Huel.