How is U/U? Really hesitant to try it

I plan to order some more Huel this week and was going to do 2x Vanilla and 2x Berry but I like making my morning Huel with coffee, and was going to try coffee crystals instead of the Keurig and since the Vanilla over powers everything I though I may try U/U, also have 6 bags of flavor boosts just sitting. I also like to mix in cacao powder, PB fit and Cinnamon though I have to experiment with how much cinnamon I add since I can’t get the flavor to come through.

The issue is, Huel describes it as “earthy” not sure what that means but I tried Ample once and gagged for nearly 5 minutes after trying it. I have a problem with any sort of cooked oats, grits, porridge, wheat etc. The smell alone is enough to make me gag and I can’t even think of getting it close to my mouth though I have no problem eating raw oats etc. I figured as long as I’m adding something to it I should be fine but though i would ask for advise first. Also I mainly use Huel at work so I don’t have access to a blender or a fridge.

EDIT: I think a big factor of U/U will be the smell, as I mentioned I can’t handle the smell of cooked oats, cream of wheat so if it has that smell it’s a wrap. I do alright with the smell of the flavored Huels though it’s close. I’m not constantly sniffing my Huel but as you bring it up to drink it you smell it.

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I like it with 100ml of diet v8 splash. It adds just enough sweetness and I top up to 400ml total with water, then 100g of powder. I like to drink it down in 2-3 gulps (ok. Long guzzles) and I’m finished with cleanup in another minute or two.

Describing U/U as “earthy” is very bad marketing.

I would describe it as natural - as in not masked by chemicals because Americans can’t enjoy anything that isn’t covered in sugar or salt. Basically, try it.

You can mix with cold brew coffee for an easy caffeinated shake (or if your name is Kyle, use Monster) :slight_smile:

With your previously mentioned food aversions, I doubt that you will like it.

Well, if you don’t add anything, it tastes like uncooked oats. I’ve never bought anything except UU because I find sucralose disgusting. I make mine with milk, ice, walnuts, sugar ,and cocoa powder usually. And some other stuff to increase calories to over like 1300. But for flavor, cocoa powder and a sweetener of choice is where it’s at if you’re using a milk. If you do water for your liquid, peanut butter and frozen raspberries is pretty great.

Good luck.


I only use plain U/U, and I like it, personally.


I’m a fan of it plain, but I also love it with coconut milk or some yogurt. But plain, it mostly just tastes like oatmeal.