Hot & Savory Insulated Container

I am 100% sold on the Hot & Savory Huel. However, I am not a fan of the included container. It isn’t airtight, so I can’t reliably throw it in a bag or anything like that. I would LOVE to be able to take this on camping trips and hikes, or be able to store hot water/prepared Huel for work lunch a few hours later. I’ve done a bit of research already, but no stores (even the REI and Scheels!) near me have any of the options I’ve found in stock. I normally like handling these products myself before purchase, but since that’s not an option, I thought I’d turn to y’all. Any input would be great.

Specifically, I would love a product that is:

  • Stainless steel, or otherwise sturdy.
  • Insulated to keep water hot for at least 6 hours.
  • 12-18 ounces.

Some bonus features I love also love, but aren’t a must, are:

  • Separate compartment for the dry Huel, so that I could keep hot water and dry Huel separate until I want to eat it.
  • Ability to heat the container itself over an open flame.
  • Integrated spoon.

Some examples I have found are (I’m leaning towards the Thermos):

Thanks for any help!

Hey Landon!
First time here eh? Well, Welcome!
Ok, so I’m curious about something. Why not just get the thermos yoursef? Why are you wanting Huel to reinvent the wheel? Am I missing something? Oh wait, you want it to be part of the first order so it comes free, right?

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. I AM looking to get one myself, which I thought was made evident by my statements that I “like handling these products myself before purchase,” and that I’d appreciate “any input.” I am not asking Huel to offer any free merchandise, or anything else at all, so I’m not sure why you immediately jumped to me having some other motive.

Rather, I am asking if anyone in the community who has similar needs as I do has found an insulated container that works well for them. My issue is that I am hesitant to order something without personal experience in its build quality etc. Since no stores near me stock any of the options, I am asking for this community’s input.

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Oh my. Did it really hit you that way? Well, I assure you it wasn’t meant to. How easily the written word can be misinterpreted huh? I thought you were asking the company to start offering the item directly from Huel and including one for free with new/first time orders of hot & savory. Apparently I was mistaken. Thank you for clarifying the error, much appreciated!

P.S. I would go with the Thermos brand if I were you. Hard to top a reputation like theirs.

I’ve owned a few Thermos brand things for coffee/soup. They are almost impossible for me to open sometimes. I probably won’t ever buy another Thermos.

Ohhh? Well it’s unfortunate that happened and soured your opinion of their products. I’d be willing to bet that in each case, the lids were initially over-tightened slightly which, when combined with the temperature of the contents, created a vacuum inside the container as the contents cooled.

If you’ve ever done any canning, or made jam, you’ve likely witnessed the “popping” noise that happens as the jars of jam cool and that little round tab on the lid is sucked inward from the vacuum. Then, when it’s time to open them, it takes some pretty strong hands to crack the lid for the first time.

At any rate, good luck with your ultimate decision.

P.S. I might have to retract what I said about the Thermos. I just looked at the Stanley and I’m genuinely impressed. Insulation that keeps grub hot for 12 hours? Check. Full-sized spork for eating outdoors? Double check. Separate storage compartment in the stopper, keeping all your dry foods on hikes and camping? Umm yeah, where’s my debit card? I gotta have one.

I use a Simple Modern insulated mug for my tea, and it keeps warm all day. Not sure if they have exactly the kind of container you’re looking for (on mobile and browsing the site is annoying from phone) but their products are solid and reasonably priced.


I like to make pots of chili and curry, and then store them in my freezer in individual serving sized containers. Normally I do that in plastic, 16 oz deli containers. A while ago I went looking for something made of stainless steel or glass that would do the same job, and not take up valuable storage space, but I really couldn’t find anything.

It looks like those 2 products you picked out would be a good move for you. Personally I would just go for the powder (and either mix it up in advance or not) for a hike or camping trip. I normally take Huel or Soylent with me on day hikes.

I use this :