Hot and savory with meat

Are there plans to make a hot and savory meals with meat?

Probably not, for two reasons. One, much of Huel’s marketing is in regard to its vegan ingredients and low environmental impact, both of which would no longer be the case if they added meat. Second, Huel is shelf stable and would need to be refrigerated if it had meat. You don’t want a open bag of dry meat sitting in your cabinet.

Of course you are welcome to add meat to any Huel variety yourself. I sometimes add vegan ground “beef” to the Mexican chili, so of course you could add regular ground beef or any other meat to your liking.

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Hey @arn_old no we don’t. As Nathan has said the environmental impact is significantly lower and we can create recipes that are as nutritious (if not more) than their meat alternatives.

You can add your own meat to H&S or you could try the chick’n & mushroom and spaghetti bolognese flavors which use meat alternatives.

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I sometimes put beyond meat in the mac n cheese with cut up pickles and onion it tastes amazing. kind of a hamburger helper

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Oh wow cheeseburger mac & cheeze. OK I need to do this :heart_eyes:

Excellent hack :clap: