Horrible support...almost feels fraudulent

Emailed multiple times…first subscription order was a disaster. I did not receive any of the flavor boosters, samples or full packets. Also, instead of a berry, I received two chocolates. About to cancel whole account.

How do I get someone to reach out?

My first order number is 589174-US.

Hey Brad, I’m really sorry for all the trouble caused. This is not what you should first experience with Huel or at anytime.

I can see you also posted on the UK forum, has your issue been resolved?

Nope, you are the first person to contact me after 6 days with 3 emails, contact form, etc. A little frustrating that posting where other people can see is how to get Huel’s attention.

I was shorted all the flavor packets from my order and not sent the berry powder.


Brad Ward


Please forgive any typos as this message was sent from my iPhone.

I’m so sorry for this Bradley. I’m actually part of the Nutrition team not Customer Experience (CE) but I wanted to make sure we could get this sorted.

It looks like you ordered 2x chocolate Huel Powder, 1x vanilla, 1x vanilla, flavour boost sample set and flavour boost large pouches.

I’ve chatted to CE and your flavour boost pouches, sample set and berry pouch out to you ASAP.

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I agree. I have been charged randomly on my account twice…