Help with contact

I am having real trouble with my subscription, there are like 12 pending charges on my card because I had to re-enter it on the website, I cannot for the life of me get ahold of anyone in customer support to help me fix this issue. I love the product but do not need 1200$ worth. Any phone number or something would be a great help, thanks.

Hey there. I’m sorry to hear this. With the launch of new products on a Cyber Monday week, we have a bit more inquiries than usual so I do apologize for the delay in response. I have your emails open–I can close them out and leave the conversation here. It appears that your card wasn’t authorizing correctly–perhaps a billing zip code error? With that being said, you weren’t charged for any orders. Any pre authorization you see on your statement will fall off. I do see that you cancelled your subscription already, but you can reinstate it anytime. I do suggest contacting your bank prior and seeing if there is another reason why this card wasn’t authorizing. Shoot me a message or reply here if you want to chat further.

Ok thanks, I will wait for the charges to fall off and restart the subscription.

I placed a regular order yesterday is it still going to go through?

Thanks for getting back to me, I did place an order yesterday on my amazon account, is it still going to go through? Thank you, BW

Heyo! I see an order was placed yesterday. The order number is #249161.

Ok thanks a bunch :+1:t2:

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