Help on microwaving H&S, tends to overflow

I make H&S in the microwave at work and find it tends to overflow in the microwave using the recommended times even with cold water. I typically just place the lid on the huel pot as I’m concerned about the pressure being released if I screw it all the way down. I’ve been experimenting with different microwave times but wondering if anyone has anything dialed in that I can work with.

Do you have a water cooler with hot and cold water options at work? I find that works way better (hot water from the water cooler).

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I do have very hot water available. Maybe I can try that with 15-20 seconds in the microwave and let it sit .

I’m late to this party but what I’ve been doing is microwaving the water (I use my pyrex measuring cup) and then pouring it into the bowl with the powder. This works well. (All the usual caveats about boiling water in a microwave, but I’ve never had a problem.)

Making it with boiling water (like a cup o’ noodles) with an electric kettle (air microwave) works much better for me than heating with cold water in a microwave.