How long can H&S last cooked?

Hello! Off-and-on user of Huel here. I would like to return to using H&S for convenience. Yet, I may not be able to keep a kettle at work. If I prepare H&S around 6am, would it last in a thermos until 11am, or would it just turn to mush? Thank you!

Hi John! Welcome back to the forum :blush:

It’s great that you want to get back into using our Hot & Savory products. To answer your question, while you could prepare it in this manner without missing out on nutritional value it would probably not be the best experience you could have with the products in terms of freshness once made. I would honestly test it out and see how you get on with it! If you do, make sure to let us know how it goes.

Also, if you happen have one of a thermos that holds heat/cold in for an extended period of time (I have a S’well bottle myself that does this when I make coffee which is what made me think of it but I know there are several kinds out there!) what you could do is bring a little packet with your Hot & Savory and bring the hot water in your thermos to add together later!

Any chance you have access to a microwave at work?