Having problem with diarrhea

Embarrassing to say - I do breakfast and lunch replacement with Huel. I have been noticing at work my stools have been loose. Today I lost it - I was trapped in the bathroom with explosive diarrhea. I just could not continue the day…it has really convened me that I can’t keep on - I don’t mind the taste or anything- but I have to be able to get through go the work day without having to clean myself or the faculty bathroom…

I’d lay off to one shake a day, I noticed that when I got a little too happy with the flavors I had similar issues. They were just so good I went to having two shakes a day at two scoops each. Bad idea on my part. I’m getting ready to ease back to double shakes, I’ve been preparing myself for it by having a snack portion shake with my regular lunch shake.

I hope it pans out, I’m so tired of cooking lol

It is definitely something your body will need time to adapt to and should be eased into. (I think the Getting Started guide has some instructions for this). How much you will need to ease into it will depend on the person and a lot on what their previous diet was.

Regarding the flavors, be aware that they contain inulin which is another substance that can cause GI issues including diarrhea. It occurs naturally in foods and has some beneficial properties, but is again something your body may not be accustomed.

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If you are drinking the sweetened Huel, there’s at least a good chance the offending agent is Sucralose. It causes fairly significant diarrhea in about 10% of the population, of which I am one.

Thankfully, they have unsweetened and gluten free! But I will probably ease into that anyway. It doesn’t matter if it takes a couple of months to accommodate to something that will benefit you for a lifetime.

For better results to questions, be more specific about which products you are using.

All the best!

I have been doing the Vanilla - and in the beginning it was fine. I have been doing Breakfast and Lunch, easing in after a week of one meal a day. I would just add coffee for variety flavoring in the first two weeks. I did buy flavor packets - which I think are the culprit. I love the chocolate mint - and usually had it for lunch - My worst experiences have been in the afternoon. I have gone back to the straight vanilla and have noticed the problem has dissipated. I may try a bag of the unsweetened to see if I have a better experience - or may try adding the flavor to unsweetened to not overload on the sweetening agents.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience, but it looks like you’ve gotten some great advice from your fellow Huelers. I do want to point out that there are no sweeteners in our flavor boosts so if you try them with the U/U Huel, you might want to mix in a sweetener like monk fruit or similar to enhance the flavor profile. Let us know if you have any further issues. Happy to help!

I’m having some issues, too. I think it might be more about the Huel lacking probiotics. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m going to start adding a probiotic and a digestive enzyme to my Huel regimen. I’m using then vanilla non-GF. The reason I think itsnan enzyme issue is because I start having diarrhea problems after a couple of weeks on Huel. And when I take a break it gets better. Anyone else tried probiotics plus Huel? I tend to think it’s not the sweetener.

I agree. It will take some time for your body to get used to the new diet, especially if you are coming from a less than healthy one.

And doubly agree with the gentleman who said switch to the unsweetened version. Sucralose, or any of the other artificial sweeteners can cause loose stools in some people.

Use natural flavors like fruit to satisfy your palate and add even more goodness to the mix.

I had the same problems. I think I’ve worked it out by using Huel for more than three weeks, taking a probiotic and a digestive enzyme. I don’t think the Sucralose is an issue - much more likely your body is getting used to the product and you need some additional digestive help in the form of enzymes and probiotics.

I’ve only drank Huel maybe 5x. I’ve been having uncomfortable diarrhea. Like, when I feel like I have to poop then I have to go right then. This has been going on for the last few days but I haven’t had a Huel in days so I don’t know what’s up.

I’ve been using the Chocolate powder with no problems. The ready to drink Vanilla Huel is giving me diarrhoea - any ideas why?