Has anyone tried flavor drops? Willing to share your feedback?

Has anyone tried flavor drops :droplet: in their Huel in place of the powdered Flavor Boosts? Two companies I was looking at are:



Just wondering if anyone has tried them and found them to be good with Huel. They seem like they would be a great way to add some flavor options without adding lots of calories or costing too much. I also want to try some vanilla extract/almond extract this week to see how that tastes.

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I have tried both (not with Huel, but with “other” meal replacements). I like most of the MyProtein ones. Be advised however that they are sweetened (contain sucralose). So you would not add them to vanilla Huel which is already sweetened. They should work fine with U/U, though.

I like the Capella less, except their peanut butter flavor is the most authentic of several I tried. Capella drops are NOT sweetened, you would either add them to Vanilla Huel or use a sweetener along with.

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Thanks for responding! I have only been drinking Huel going on 3 weeks now, but love it and may be going a bit overboard trying to find new and exciting ways to change it up.

Thank you for pointing out that one brand is sweetened, I had not realized that. I currently only have the vanilla Huel so I will have to take that into account or try some of the U/U variety. I tried powdered PB (low fat and sugar, good carb/protein mix) and found that I like that for PB flavor.

Can you tell me approximately how many shakes a bottle of drops would last you? Also, was the flavor strong or mild? I am thinking that drops may offer more options that the flavor boosts and be easier to add/travel with.

Looking at my bottle of MyProtein Strawberry, it says “100 servings per bottle” and the directions say “7-10 drops per serving”. I typically put 11-12 drops in a 400ml serving. But (a) that’s not Huel, it’s another make and (b) tastes vary, you may like more or less. But somewhere between 75 and 125 servings per bottle? Roughly?

I definitely agree that the drops are better than the Huel boosts, because I’ve tried the Huel boosts and didn’t like them at all.

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I am also a big fan of the MyProtein Flav Drops having used them for a long time now.

In the UK there is a bigger selection with stevia, as well as sucralose which I used to use. My favourites are toffee and vanilla (although this one should not be really needed for Huel). I would say try them out as you go and find out.

Money wise, they do last for a long time. I think @fernly’s estimate of 75-125 is valid. The flavours are kind of artificial but strong. For instance, I do not like the chocolate one, since it does not make the drink as chocolaty as you would expect.

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I have tried using Loran flavors with Soylent. The results were not bad, but I got better flavors from adding bananas, sweeteners, spices, etc.

I haven’t tried using Loran flavors with Huel yet. I dislike the vanilla, and plain Huel has a different character from other instant meals that I’ve used. It would be worth a try, I bet.

I just started Huel but used SweetLeaf Stevia Sweet drops in chocolate flavor. Used around 15 drops and had good flavor. I use the U/U Huel.

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I use Watkins extracts in mine - pistachio, banana, hazelnut, almond - you only need a couple of drops to add variety to each drink!
Also invest in plain cocoa powder and add one/two teaspoons for chocolate flavour with barely any extra calories.


Someone, can’t remember who, posted a 4 pack of milk flavors a while back. They’re on Amazon. They work fantastically. My favorite is the cookies and cream but the strawberry and orange are great too. The cotton candy is…sweet. It’s good. But strange.

I can’t think of the brand, I’m at the gym, but it’s a white flip top bottle. I want to say there’s a cow on the label but… I’m not sure.

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How good are the banana and hazelnut? Trying to find a way to get banana in my shakes without needing an actual banana every time. And I would like to try replacing my hazelnut coffee creamer to get rid of the sugar/calories.

The banana flavor doesn’t completely mimic the taste of real banana but it is a nice flavor in any case - you only need a drop or two to taste it. The hazelnut is lovely but the flavor is a little more subtle.

Thanks for the feedback. I had bought some Almond extract (not Watkins) but was not impressed. I may try the banana and hazelnut in the future. They don’t contain any sweetener, right?

Ingredients are: water, propylene, glycol, alcohol natural/artificial flavors.

Did you realize that propylene glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze for your vehicle? But I am sure it might be safe.

Close, not exactly.

Ethylene Glycol is the active ingredient in anti-freeze. Do not ingest this. I’ve seen at least 4 patients in my ICU this year for Ethylene Glycol toxicity. One patient was for Methanol ingestion, and the treatment is similar.

Propylene Glycol is a substance that helps keep things dissolved in water. It’s kinda like a go-between since it has water and fat soluble sides to the molecule. It is used in several IV meds like Lorazepam and Phenytoin. It’s safe to ingest. It’s in a lot of foods we eat.


I understand the differences between the two antifreeze products; it is just weird talking about putting propylene glycol in food. I used to be an auto technician, and they used to report that either brand was toxic for human consumption. I am not questioning your medical knowledge on the subject.

Propylene glycol is considerably less toxic than ethylene glycol and may be labeled as “non-toxic antifreeze.” It is used as antifreeze where ethylene glycol would be inappropriate, such as in food-processing systems or water pipes in homes where incidental ingestion may be possible.

For example, the FDA allows propylene glycol to be added to a large number of processed foods, including ice cream, frozen custard, salad dressings, and baked goods, and it is commonly used as the main ingredient in the “e-liquid” used in electronic cigarettes.

I haven’t used FlavDrops because my sweetness-to-flavoring desires change throughout the day. Sucralose and flavorings are cheaper in larger sizes, so for me, it’s cheaper to keep them separate.

I bought these flavors yesterday, most are my tried and true favorites.

The Flavor Apprentice (TFA); Double Chocolate Dark, Coconut Extra, Peanut Butter, Toasted Almond, Bavarian Cream, and Dragon Fruit (this will be new for me, but it has good reviews).

From Capella (CAP); Blueberry Extra, Rainbow Candy (a new one for me), and Biscuit.

From Flavor West (FW); Butter Pecan, and Banana.

From Wonder Flavors (WF); Butterscotch Cream Pie.

I got 700ml (23+oz) in all, for less than $50. It will last me 6 to 9 months, but normal people probably wouldn’t use as much as I do. lol

I don’t care for LorAnn. Inawera is awesome, costs more, but I’ve always thought well worth the price. There are about a hundred other flavor makers out there.

In a 32oz bottle, I use between 5 to 15 drops of flavorings. If you buy the flavors they will tell you a suggested percentage.

I have a bunch of savory-flavor drops too; garlic, onion, mustard, basil, salsa, you name it.

I also use dehydrated fruits and vegetables, nutritional yeast, condiments, spices, and seasonings. I grind them to a powder, or if I want some mouth-feel I won’t grind them and I’ll eat it like a soup. Sometimes I put in rice or oat cereal and eat it like a bowl of cereal.

I placed my first order of Huel on Saturday, with the sample flavorings. I’m excited to give those a try!