Got My Order Just As Planned

Just received my first shipment of Huel today. I ordered the Berry powder in order to test how much I like the flavor and consistency of Huel. The entire process was quick and easy, and I was aware of what was happening every step of the way as far as when my order was fulfilled, shipped, and on its way to me. FedEx tracking told me the exact day my order would be delivered. Everything in my package was exactly as ordered and in excellent condition.

Thank you Huel team! Finding a product like Huel has benefited me in many ways and I am very pleased with it! You have got a loyal subscriber from me!


The consistency is adjustable, a good blender is your friend! Also making it in advance and refrigerating it is great. Blended + refrigeration overnight is my favorite way. Silky smooth texture and it thickens as it sits.

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