Goodbye Huel? :(

I will give it a try! Thank you.

Reminds me of a thread in a bodybuilding forum. The question was: Help, I am Muslim and don’t know how to bulk during Ramadan.
I said hmm, maybe don’t fast? “NOOOOO! How dare you??” Ok, don’t try to bulk then? “NOOOOO! How disrespectful!” I nearly got kicked out for that but the point was: What are your priorities? It’s nearly impossible to cater for every single religion out there. I guess it falls under making sacrifices? Whatever it is, I hope you find a solution to the dilemma.


The kombucha is not there to provide probiotics, sorry for the confusion. The way the kombucha is processed means they will not be present.

The probiotics used in Huel are separate - Bacillus Coagulans. Saying that v2.3 will be available for the next couple of months at least, which does not contain kombucha.

Hey Ali, we love being as inclusive here at Huel. Try and look at things from other peoples’ point of view.


I’m sorry to hear that this is a problem for you, but as Huel is a source of nourishment I’m glad to know that science, reason, critical thinking and common sense comes before belief.


where in scripture, not book of Mormon, is ANY
tea prohibited ?


They forbid people to marry and order them to ABSTAIN from "certain"foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.


I must say, in the almost 2 years of visiting the Huel forums, I have seen some of the most interesting and diverse discussions on various topics.

And it still baffles me that the most triggering posts are if someone suggests another user gets a food scale to weigh their Huel. To suggest that someone use a scale instead of the confusing and arbitrary measurement of the (often not) included Huel scoop is the unforgivable sin on these forums.


Hey, two “scoops” of raisins was accurate enough measurement for Kellogg’s:)

But their’s is the only time “scoop” is a unit of measure:
in marketing.

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Simple solution, just add new products, don’t discontinue them outright! If it’s got a support base, why alienate those who love it in favor of what someone else wants?
Increase your product line, and let some of us be US retailers! You’ve become too big to deal with it without shops, as is obvious by the mass confusion seen here with orders.

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I cannot use Huel if it contains caffeine or corn. So I’m with you! I wish they could keep it so that as many people could use it as possible.


I’m disappointed too! I thought they would do well to market to Latter Day Saints as an option for food storage. ( We are taught to have a year supply on hand)
Thank you honestly though because I hadn’t caught that change myself. Such a bummer.


It would be great if we can do that but from a cost and supply chain point of view it’s not possible to keep all the old products with the new. It’s absolutely not about alienating current Hueligans which is why we are here to answer all your questions.

In terms of increasing our product line, this is always something we are looking to do, variety is the spice of life after all.

Just want to make this clear. Huel Powder v1.1 contains a small amount of corn so there’s no change to v3.0. The amount of caffeine is being confirmed but it will be less than 1mg per 400kcal, decaf tea and coffee has to contain less than 2mg per cup.


Interesting take, as this is nothing like that. I am just displeased that they are adding things to their simple, complete, wonderful formula. I loved Huel, I just won’t use it anymore.

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We all have our beliefs. Thank you for sharing yours.


I get it…though I see very clear parallels between the Ramadan story and yours. I find it interesting that you don’t. Anyway, to me all this seems to be a matter of free will rather than fate wouldn’t you agree? Unless someone was born with a physical/physiological restriction they cannot change, that is. But even then I guess it’s still more about the majority’s needs than the ones of specific subgroups. Religious restrictions are a choice but far be it from to pass judgment on that. Non religious me for one appreciates the improvement of the product and hopes it will help with the heartburn and gas issue. Right now I have to take it with baking soda and digestive enzymes which is a pain in the butt. I hope you find another good product without the restricted ingredients.

I appreciate the participation of the Huel team in the community - it honestly does help. But @Dan_Huel, saying that “you can still buy [insert old version] for the next few months” is not an answer. For every complaint that I’ve seen for a change to a flavor (old to new Vanilla) or now from version to version, the “solution” being offered is just to stock up until our stores are exhausted? Then what? You mention that the supply chain doesn’t make it feasible to allow for different versions and yet, there are four flavors + a gluten-free and non-gluten-free version, so - eight different types?

I’m not sure why all these folks are coming out of the woodworks to dunk on the Latter-day Saints, we’re just not permitted to drink tea (or coffee), which now Huel will contain by way of kombucha tea. I get that this isn’t your belief, but there’s no reason to criticize another’s.

It’s really frustrating to come to rely on something, as stated in many other places, to just have it change with no real other option but to go eat normal people food LIKE A NEANDERTHAL.


Might be too much to keep that many product lines available at the same time, for their current level of production. They’d have to source the different ingredients that aren’t exactly the same for both formulations. They’d have to house both versions. They’d have to run redundant quality testing. I can see how it’s just simpler for them to use only one formulation, even if a few customers stop using.


“Just not permitted“…meaning it’s still a conscious decision, a choice right? I mean you are not forced at gun point fearing for your life, are you? Also assuming you are an adult living on your own you don’t have to follow what your parents dictate. Not criticizing at all, I’m not a hater and I tend to respect what people believe, I really do. I’m just pointing out some indisputable facts since “just not permitted” seems like an odd argument.

Do you know why tea is harmful? I’m honestly very curious about this. I understand “kosher” rules to be primarily about food handling safety, especially in a time without refrigeration and bleach. If corn were to be avoided because it’s animal food, then no corn chips or tortillas… but you might still eat a christmas ham “sparingly” in the winter months when other fruits/ produce are unavailable… and pigs eat corn as is given by C&D89. The pig has transformed the less acceptable corn into a more acceptable meat.

Kombucha is a bacteria that eats tea leaves and turns it (and sugar) into a more nutritious vitamin-dense product. Huel isn’t a tea and isn’t about rehydrating kombucha, it’s going to get ‘b vitamins’ from the living process of kombucha bacteria consuming what it needs as fuel - not much different than an animal consuming an otherwise proscribed-for-human feed grain.

So if the Word is against “hot beverages” then the interpretation is understood as “no tea” and “no coffee” then I would like to understand how dehydrated kombucha is much different than the yeast in breads as far as [un]acceptable ingredients.

If the answer remains “because someone said so” then i give up. However, i really would like to understand how or why tea/hot beverages are not allowed.


and @miked just wanted to respond to both of you here, even though this is now apparently more about religion than Huel I guess.

I felt like I was pretty congenial in my description of the reasons why Huel v3.0 is no longer an option for me, because it contained tea, and tea isn’t permitted as part of the Word of Wisdom. And instead of some kind of understanding from my (and others’) perspective, the response was basically: BUT WHY THO?!

There are others that are more knowledgeable about the health benefits (or lack thereof) of different kinds of food and drinks, but for me that’s not the important part - I don’t have the time nor the energy to do all that (thus Huel). For me, my religion isn’t just some nice social gathering, or a good group of folks, it’s truth. There are parts that I spend more time praying about, researching about, and reconfirming my faith, and there are other parts (like tea and coffee, etc.) that I can accept the commandment as given without much question because my faith has been confirmed in 700 other areas. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” If you know everything - or you think you do, then you have no need for faith.

Please don’t say things like “because someone said so” or assume that I’m unable to make my own choices. I have and I do, and I’m simply expressing my regret that these changes preclude me from further participation.

Welcome to 2019, where religion is a hot topic on a Huel community message board.


I appreciate your response but I must ask you one more thing. What did the OP and/or you expect by complaining about it in a public forum? I believe you guys brought religion into it first no? A more discreet way could have been an email to Huel directly. A comment in a public forum is open for discussion by design so it’s not that far fetched that you collect some let’s say less desired comments.

Here some useful tip for anyone working with or within mixed communities. It’s very powerful and totally free of charge.

Peace in a mixed community is reliably kept by banning any talk about:

  1. Religion
  2. Politics
  3. Sports