Good Bye Huel. Just not right for me

I used Huel for several months and was pleased that I had found something with essential nutrition and a flavor that I was satisfied with. (I actually specifically searched for something with a less-indulging flavor so I would be able to control my portions easier). Over those months, Huel kept changing recipes and made it clear that their mission is to attract new customers with recipe changes while accepting the attrition from people leaving because Huel modified what they were used to. A common response was always “you can buy the old recipe temporarily” or “you can switch to the unsweetened/unflavored”. I finally did switch to the unsweetened/unflavored and ended up finding that the taste varied from batch to batch for whatever reason, so now I am just leaving. If you want a product that a handful of people think is constantly improving, then Huel may be right for you. My two cents is that when people buy most food products, they find something that they like and they want it to stay the same. I don’t think there are many people that go to a restaurant, for example, and hope that the recipe for the food is going to change every few months.


Agreed 100%. It’s weird.

I feel the same way. I had been a subscriber for a couple years and have almost 2 full bags of Huel left that I can’t stand the taste of. It is really too bad.

We truly appreciate your honest feedback and we honor our customers, both old and new because without them we would not be where we are right now. Our changes may seem to be more consecutive than usual but this is because we are taking our time to listen to our customers feedback and find ways of improving the experience with Huel. We understand that not everyone will enjoy these changes and would love to take a minute to chat more about your experience with us and to have the chance to make it right for you!

I will get in touch with you shortly! :blush:

So what was the outcome?
Which flavors did they not care for??

After two years of using Huel, I have also made the decision to stop ordering Huel. The most recent batch of Huel Black Vanilla I received (new and “improved” flavor) is barely edible. I am deeply saddened by this as I enjoyed Huel immensely for these past 2+ years. Best of the luck to the Huel team.


It’s always sad to see this happen for sure. Even more so when you yourself realize it may also be that time.

First, this forum, for whatever reason(s) is not as robust as I hoped. No ones fault really, even the subreddit is like a ghost town. Not a deal breaker for me, although it would be nice to see more activity.

But when I discovered this about flaxseeds, it made a pretty good case for wanting to stop consuming Huel. Apparently, the seeds contain a naturally occurring compound called amygdalin, a type of ‘cyanogenic glycoside’ that can produce cyanide gas as it degrades.

I won’t go into it here but will post something in the appropriate area about what all I’ve discovered. Stay tuned…