Current backorders?

Just wondering if orders are currently backed up or not? Said they usually ship day of if before 12 CST and haven’t gotten an update yet, ~36hours

I ordered my Huel on the 24th and it still says Unfilled. I’ve contacted support a few times and they said there was an issue at the supplier and I should be getting my Huel by this Wednesday. As of right now, it’s still saying Unfilled but I am hopeful…

Hi there! We had an issue in our system that delayed a select group of orders. It has since been resolved and orders are on their way! @Mosack, I see that your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 12/8. :tada: @aaronjbeetle, if you are still seeing any issues with your shipment, can you private message me with your order number and/or name used to place the order so I can look into it for you?

I’m having the same issue. Placed my 1st order with you on Monday 1/8 and my order is still listed as unfulfilled as of Thursday at 10:30pm. Your page states same day shipping. What am I missing here?

Placed my 1st order with you on Monday 1/8 it’s now Friday and my order is still unfulfilled. This is well beyond the same day shipping you claim to have… Is there a back order or something?

Hi @BBaldwin,

We launched Flavor Boosts this past Monday and there was slight lag getting orders with them processed. All orders that include Flavor Boosts from January 8th onward should be in queue for shipment today.

If you have any other questions please reach out to me or customer service at


So there’s still an issue with the shipping. I ordered on the 18th and as of today I just canceled it. When you advertise same day shipping that’s what I’d expect. Not 5 days and absolutely nothing. Sent an email asking about when it would be sent, got told they’d check with the supplier and get back to me. Didn’t get back to me so…it’s too bad, I really wanted to try it.

Hey @Ben_L_McAllister,

Sothan here. I was the one the handling your email.

While most placed before 12PM CST ship same day and some orders require extra processing time for a variety of reasons. -

Our shipping center works as such we ship orders by groups. This help speeds up processing time and reduces any shipping mistakes. For example all orders for two vanilla bags will ship and process more quickly compared orders of eight bags.

Looking at your order details I can tell you right away that it is an uncommon order and has to be processed separately outside our normal shipping queue. This resulted longer processing time.


So how long will it take to ship? I really would like to try it. If it’s because I ordered flavor packs and un flavored powder, can you just change it to 3 vanilla with the scoops and shaker so I can get it?

KI’m having a similar issue- ordered on 1/15 and as of today (1/23) my order has still not shipped. I did get a note from Sothan but no movement on when it will ship- very frustrating, I was looking forward to getting my Huel by now.

Update 1/24- good news, just got a UPS notice that my Huel shipment will arrive tomorrow!

Hi @bobh,

Our mugs ran out of stock which held up your order.

Happy to see it’s finally on the way! :slight_smile:

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same issue. ordered about a week ago, account page still says unfulfilled? just want to make sure the order went through ok.

Hi @dmc725,

There’s was an update to our shipping API on 1/19 - Friday which caused some orders to not capture properly. You should receive a shipping email this morning.

Let me know if you have any questions or contact


Hi Sothan-
My box arrived- the packing slip has the mug listed but it’s not in the box. Can you please research and have them sent it ASAP?

Hi @bobh,

Huel mugs sold out last week. We’ll have a mug sent out to you once it’s back in-stock this week.


Great- thanks Sothan!

Hey Sothan- can you please check on the status of my Huel mug back order?
I was just on the website and don’t see the mug listed anymore so just worried that it may not be offered anymore.


Hi @bobh,

It looks like it will be another week before Mugs are back in-stock but we actually have a few in the office and I have send one to you.

I’ll reach you to you via private message for info


That’s great Sothan - thanks very much for your help!

Really eager to try this stuff out. I noticed it seems to be common for orders to be delayed from this post.

Any idea when mine might ship out? I ordered a few days ago but haven’t heard anything.