Current backorders?


Just wondering if orders are currently backed up or not? Said they usually ship day of if before 12 CST and haven’t gotten an update yet, ~36hours

Shipping Delays?

I ordered my Huel on the 24th and it still says Unfilled. I’ve contacted support a few times and they said there was an issue at the supplier and I should be getting my Huel by this Wednesday. As of right now, it’s still saying Unfilled but I am hopeful…


Hi there! We had an issue in our system that delayed a select group of orders. It has since been resolved and orders are on their way! @Mosack, I see that your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 12/8. :tada: @aaronjbeetle, if you are still seeing any issues with your shipment, can you private message me with your order number and/or name used to place the order so I can look into it for you?


I’m having the same issue. Placed my 1st order with you on Monday 1/8 and my order is still listed as unfulfilled as of Thursday at 10:30pm. Your page states same day shipping. What am I missing here?


Placed my 1st order with you on Monday 1/8 it’s now Friday and my order is still unfulfilled. This is well beyond the same day shipping you claim to have… Is there a back order or something?


Hi @BBaldwin,

We launched Flavor Boosts this past Monday and there was slight lag getting orders with them processed. All orders that include Flavor Boosts from January 8th onward should be in queue for shipment today.

If you have any other questions please reach out to me or customer service at