I have a disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). It unfortunately comes with other associated issues, one of them being Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis makes food sit in your stomach for more than 4 hours, it causes indigestion, vomiting, nutritional defencies from malabsorption and a slew of other complications. I also have issues with hypoglycemia (the opposite of a diabetic, I make to much Insulin.). Another issue that widely comes along with all these complications is multiple food allergies.

Huel has been an awesome way to make sure I’m getting enough calories, eating nothing I’m allergic too, and getting proper nutrition. I’m so grateful to have found something I can eat without hurting my body but improving it. I will be suggesting this product to my friends that suffer from the same issues and I hope Huel takes an opportunity to market to the EDS community because I truly believe it will make a lot of lives a lot better.


I am so glad you have been able to find some relief.


It makes our day to hear things like this! We’re so happy that Huel can make your days a little easier and nutritious. Keep us updated on your experience! Remember to use our Refer a Friend program to get $10 off for each friend you refer. :slight_smile:

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Had to look up EDS. It’s on the “connective tissue” spectrum of diseases. Those can be bad. My girlfriend has a mild form of mixed connective tissue disease and has a slew of symptoms and joint pains that go along with it. Those auto-immune diseases can be hard to deal with. I feel for ya.

Years ago we had a drug called Cisapride (Propulsid was the brand). It worked great for gastroparesis but unfortunately had to be yanked due to it’s drug interactions that could cause a special arrhythmia called Torsades. Now we’re kind of limited with our “prokinetic” drugs, mainly Metoclopramide. And here in the hospital setting we’ve had metoclopramide injectable shortages on and off for the last 10 years. Really sucks for our patients who are NPO and need a prokinetic.

One thing to be aware of : connective tissue disease is a risk factor for Pulmonary Hypertension. Just something to keep in mind if you ever experience shortness of breath or any other Pulm Hypertension type of symptoms.

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Yeah I’m under the care of several doctors because of my condition. Currently working with a cardiologist and a neurosurgeon. But those bigger issues are not what I’ve turned to Huel for. The issues I listed in my first post don’t really get to all of it. However, for my first week on Huel my body seems to be calming down quite a bit. I’m super thankful for that.


Great to hear you’re doing well with Huel. Please keep us posted.

Do you consume hot beverages or have you been advised to avoid them?

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