Huel with Gastroparesis

Hi all! I was diagnosed with gastroparesis a few months ago. For those that don’t know of it, it’s a disease that causes delayed stomach emptying. Food can stay in my stomach from 4 to at the longest 15 hours (before I puke it up). Before Huel, I took Reglan 3x a day and erythromycin 3x a day as well as an acid reducer and zofran just to eat chicken and mashed potatoes. I decided to try out Huel, despite it having fat and fiber (which im supposed to restrict). I’ve stopped my medicine (it gives some pretty bad side effects and doesn’t help much) and I’ve been having Huel for breakfast and lunch. So far, I’ve had no adverse affects. Im super excited! Soylent gave me lots of acid, but Huel hasn’t given me any. Im having my gallbladder taken out on the 18th due to having 23% function. It won’t fix the gastroparesis but it will help with the pain and puking bile. I’ll keep this updated on how it’s affecting my GI problems. : ) I love food (sadly haha) so I won’t go full time Huel, and I also hope that one day the gastroparesis will improve enough to be able to eat regularly again. But for now, Huel is helping me be able to manage this disease, and get in calories.

For those of you reading this with GP, remember I’m not a doctor. Please please talk to your doctor before stopping medicines or changing your diet. In my case, I have gastroparesis, gallbladder failure, and EDS, a connective tissue disorder.


Thanks for sharing. (19 year hospital pharmacist here.) This post caught my attention. Although I am very familiar with the meds, I had never heard of EDS before. Reading about it now. (I have a loved one with a mild mixed connective tissue disease, so I am roughly familiar with auto-immune diseases.) Does your doctor contribute the gastroparesis as being part of the EDS? “GI dysmotility” is listed as a non-muscleskeletal symptom in EDS in this article I’m reading.

Well, this is certainly great news. Perhaps there is something in Huel that helps increase gastric emptying. Or maybe there’s something in the diet you AREN’T eating which is absent from Huel. Or maybe it’s the finely ground up texture of the Huel that makes it pass easier through the pyloric sphincter.

I do know that some patients have had success improving auto-immune diseases when removing certain dietary components. Wheat gluten and dairy (especially the casein protein component) are two such examples.

Well, whatever the formula is, I’m glad you found relief. There are few things in life more debilitating than a serious GI issue. It can consume so much of a person’s time and energy and really impair quality of life.

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It’s great to hear Huel has been helping you @hellomystar!

Huel can be ideal if you suffer with gastroparesis. We suggest blending Huel well and consuming it in smaller and more regular servings.