From 2.3 to 3.0. I hate it. Don't fix what ain't broke. Please bring back 2.3 :(

Sorry, I just have to vent because my 2.3 chocolate ran out and I loved it. But had to buy 3.0 now and it is severely disappointing, both texture and taste have taken a nose-dive. Won’t be buying Huel anymore if this is it.

Please bring back the old recipe.


Hi Elise, I just messaged you about this!

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I agree. I would love to see 2.3 come back. For religious reasons I can’t drink the Huel anymore because of the Kombucha tea. I know there are other like-minded people in the same boat for the same reason. Please bring the 2.3 back!

Care to elaborate? I’m genuinely curious.

Assuming that it’s due to the minimal/trace amount of alcohol in Kombucha but Mazate can confirm.

I had the same problem with version 1.0 (and 1.1) in the United States here. I loved that oat flavor of those 1 series versions and then the new 3.0 stuff came out and I couldn’t even eat it. It was a huge change whatever was done. They did just start making an original flavor again after getting lots of complaints. I’m not sure if it’s available in all countries. I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet because I was still using up some other companies stuff.

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Seriously? Wow. Ummm :zipper_mouth_face:

Goodbye Huel? :( This is an older post from when they announced the change to add kombucha. May help explain things but I personally have no issue with kombucha or any other tea. Or alcohol for that matter :joy: :tumbler_glass:

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You do see the positive in things…:raised_hands:t3:

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Thank you for your support!

(I was offered a vanilla 3.0 replacement bag and enjoyed it much more than vanilla 2.3! But I still prefer 2.3 chocolate over 3.0. I managed to get used to 3.0 chocolate eventually however)