Flying (US Domestic)

Hello all!

I fly a lot for work. I just wanted to post in case anyone is looking for info about flying domestic with Huel (In the US).

TLDR: no issue. Just make sure bag is packed to easy access and add a few minutes to your travel plans for security.

They will identify your bag, and it will be inspected. They usually ask if it’s protein powder or flour…oddly enough.

They take your bag and swab it down. He did mention, he appreciated the fact it wasn’t in lots of small bags, as they have to swab every bag.

My bags have been sealed and I sealed. Just always swabbed.

It did add 10~15 minutes to my security screening (each time).

I also always pack my bag so the Huel is on top of everything and easy to access.

Happy travels all!


So good to know!! Thanks for being proactive and sharing! and being the guinea pig :wink:

I posted this same experience last year. Its no problem. Just give your self more time for security. Atleast 30min.

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