Airplane Carry-on?

I’ll be traveling for the holidays soon. Am I able to bring open bags of huel powder on the plane in a carry-on? If not, what if I put it into tupperware or plastic baggies? Anyone have any experiences here?

Hey! Now I can’t speak from personal experience - but I have heard on past forums that bringing your Huel in sealed plastic bags and leaving it in your checked luggage is your best bet😁 I bet there are some other Hueligans on here that might be able to provide you with a more detailed experience! Safe travels and have a wonderful holiday🙌

I’ve never had a problem putting a bag of Huel in my checked bag. I haven’t tried putting it in a container or non-Huel bag, and I don’t recall putting it in my carry-on. Sealed or unsealed in the checked bag, though, it got through on all my domestic and international flights.

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Have you never seen Meet the Parents?! No checked bags for me! If anyone knows about carry-on luggage specifically, I’d love the guidance!

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I just took Huel in my carry-on on a domestic flight in the US. I haven’t checked a bag in 16 years on domestic or international flights, and don’t plan on doing it any time soon.

I had portioned it out into zippy bags and shoved those into my shaker. The TSA folks pulled my carry-on, pulled out each zippy bag, and subjected each one to the exterior wipe-and-sensor testing. It added about 15 minutes to me getting through security, and this was at an airport routinely rated highly for its quick security lines.

I have heard anecdotally that if you put the whole Huel bag in your carry-on, they may not do this.

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I returned from business travel yesterday and I took Huel in my carry on. Here’s my experience. First, if you can pre-measure and use small baggies that seal well. Second, TSA limits powders to 12 ounces so be mindful. Third, be prepared to have the baggies swabbed and tested so pack them to be easily accessible. Lastly, if taking more than one kind be prepared to answer questions. I use TSA pre-check and it added about 3 minutes to a 2 minute security screen. So it wasn’t burdensome. TSA agent was intrigued and asked questions but was very nice and inquisitive. Overall, I will do the same again.

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I brought an opened, almost full, large bag in my carry on, they wiped the outside and I was on my way. I actually had a full unopened bag as well, they wiped that one too…

I combined the two methods - I put all of the powder in baggies, then put the baggies in the Huel bag that the powder came in. TSA took the baggies out of the Huel bag and wiped each one individually. The agent also confirmed that there is not a limit on the quantity of powder you can bring in a single container (unlike for liquids), so breaking the powder into smaller baggies just wasted time. In the future I’ll just travel with the main bag.