Flavors and extracts and milk oh my

just a quick question to everyone, how badly would using natural oils or extracts mess up Huel and it;s nutritional value? i’ve got some vanilla extract i know i can mix with my strawberry drink for strawberry and cream flavor.

also, i’m sure this has been touched on before but, what happens if milk is used instead of water? does it screw up the mixing? does it not mix properly? sorry, newbie here ^_^;

Hey @patrick.conley1971! Welcome to the US Huel forum :tada:

I’ve added some vanilla extract to my Huel before and I thought it was great. In terms of nutritional value, a very small dash of vanilla extract shouldn’t be of concern :slight_smile:

Just a side note, but I also really enjoy adding a dash of cinnamon to my Huel.

It tends to be a bit creamier when you use milk instead of water. I tend to do a quarter to half plant-based milk and the rest water (just my preference though). You can always play around with the amounts to see what you find you enjoy most too!