First week on Huel for a person with mitochondrial dysfunction

Used Huel this week 2-scoops per serving. I doctored it up with 1 scoop greens and 1 scoop mighty reds. I ate eggs for breakfast. I have mitochondrial disease. I need to lose fat, increase energy and optimize nutrition without expending more energy. I do best with a diet high in protein and veggies. Primary symptoms of my mito are fatigue and muscle pain, IBS, brain fog, high lactate and ammonia.
My review 1) I noticed was my IBS tamed down- probably the fiber, but in any case I didn’t have the gas and other complaints other people talk about. 2) I felt a decrease in brain fog. 3) My energy was stable. 4) muscle pain wasn’t there.5) I didn’t check my lactate as I’m out of test strips.
I don’t have the energy to shop for the type of diet I’m supposed to be doing. Lots of trips to the store for fresh veggies and all the prepping. This shake is working well for me. I can controlling my intake while optimizing nutrition and hopefully lose fat as well. Thank you Huel I’ll be continuing with it.


Interesting feedback; thanks!