First Huel Order Not Delivered


I sent an email to Huel’s support team about this today, but I confirmed my first order of Huel on 8/6/18. Shipment tracking apparently is no longer available as the system believes I have received my order about a week ago now. Unfortunately, it is absolutely nowhere to be found.

I simply wanted to post this for the forum lurkers who are determining if they want to order Huel. I’ve seen other users post similar experiences to mine, so I’m slightly concerned. If this issue isn’t resolved efficiently and apologetically, then I will cancel my account and likely order Soylent.

If updating posts is an option, then I’ll update with the response from the support team as I receive it.



Hi @sab, I am not a Huel rep but from my experience here they are very responsive to these post and getting them straightened out. That being said, I do not believe they work weekends so that response may not be until Monday. I understand your concern but once it’s with a shipping partner anything could happen.

Like Kris said, since the Huel distribution team next opens on Monday, they won’t read your email till then. So you’ll need to give it a little while before your response.

In terms of Soylent, it has Maltodextran as it’s carbohydrate source. So, just be aware of that. I don’t work for either company

Hi @sab

I’m sorry to hear you have not received your order. While we hope every order leaving our warehouse make it to the hands of Huel, we also understand that sometimes shipping mistake can happen resulting in the lost orders.

Obviously this will lead to an inconvenient experience for the customer and will arrange for replacement for a lost/stolen at no cost.