First Day on Huel + Recipe


Let me first start out by saying, my initial impression with Huel Shipping was the worst I’ve seen in any modern nutritional company. My box came half taped and the box had been through the ringer from just crossing a couple states. I will not be subscribing until Huel starts using a quality shipper. For now, I’ll manually order my stuff.

Looking past the terrible shipping, the actual product is great. I’m going to share my recipe.

Also, I want to make note, I’m a 26yo Stage IV cancer survivor with an active lifestyle and I run my own business, so I am constantly on the go, and it takes me 2600 calories to maintain my weight of 165lbs at 5’11.

The recipe:

1 Level Scoop of Vanilla Huel + additional 3/4ths scoop (I have a food scale but didnt bother using it )
2 Level Scoops of Power Crunch Vanilla Cream Protein Powder (Low carb, sugar, fat to compliment the Huel)
(I add Whey because I find I perform better with it than plant based proteins)
1/2 Cup Fresh Black/Blue Berries
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Yogurt
1/2 Teaspoon of Ancient Organics Ghee
5 Cups of Ripple Unsweetened Vanilla Pea Milk ( I share some of my Huel with my sister)
12 Cubes of Ice
+1 Good Vitamix Blender :slight_smile:

The steps that I use when making my Huel:
Add Huel
Add Power Crunch
Add Ghee
Add Yogurt
Add Fruits
Add Pea Milk
Blend for 90 Seconds.
Add Ice cubes
Blend for 120 Seconds.

When paired with Power Crunch, Huel is not only satisfying, but it tastes great. (Personal preference)
When consumed warm, Huel tastes like crap. (Personal observation)

P.S Starting Huel will likely cause flatulence, most likely due to the huge amount of fiber in the product. I would imagine that should subside as the body adjusts to the nutritional profile. I wouldn’t just consume Huel as your sole source of nutrition.

First time Hueler here as well (as of a week ago). Shipping has been my only negative experience as well. It arrived fast enough, but my box was similar to yours in that the tape did not hold up and the box was very flimsy, half open, and crushed pretty terribly. Luckily everything inside was still there and undamaged (though the shaker bottle was covered in some kind of black dust), but it’s going to make me nervous every time I order a new box until they work on their shipping quality.

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It seems this is a habitual problem for Huel then. I find it odd they won’t own up to it and blame FedEx/UPS.

He speaketh the truth, folks. Yeah, the Huel farts are a part of getting used to the product. Gotta ease in to it. Titrate your total daily dose up from a lower starting dose.

However, the fiber in Huel is part of what gives it its 28 glycemic index and makes it “healthier” and last longer. So it’s a double-edged sword. And, realistically, the fiber in Huel is actually in line with what is recommended by the American Heart Association (30 grams per day). Many of us aren’t used to eating a healthy amount of fiber, so when we switch to a recommended amount, it’s a shock at first. Shock and awe.

I also think the large amounts of pea proteins may contribute to the farts. 37 grams per dose, if I remember. Most protein powders do that to me. Whey protein powder gives me significant gas if I do 30 grams of it.

But again, increased protein in the diet (150 grams or more per day) has been associated with appetite control and weight loss, in studies. So another double-edged sword.