Fermentation! Oh no!

My Huel fermented. How long can it be out of the fridge safely?

Whoa. That’s weird. Can you describe what steps you did? Like, is the powdered Huel in the bag fermented or are you talking about Huel mixed in liquid? Any extra stuff you added? If you mixed it, was it at room temp and how long did it sit?

I think the Huel site recommends consuming it soon after mixing, like within a few hours. And they also say it can stay good at refrigeration/cool packs for around 24 hours after mixing.

I had mixed it in the morning and had been sipping for hours. It sat in my car at for a couple hours and then I refrigerated it. I’m just serprized it fermented so easily. Juice and other drinks I’ve had don’t do this.

If I had made food that was supposed to be kept in a fridge … and I left it in a car … I think it would not be safe to eat. Like a picnic salad with mayo for instance.

Once you mix Huel I would think food safety rules apply!


Huel recommends consuming or refrigerating your meal within 3hrs. It will keep 24 hours refrigerated. But I bet you know all this now :wink: I’m not surprised that after sipping on it for an hour or so and then it sitting in your car for two hours that it went rogue on you. Lesson learned eh? :grin:

So… can we make Huel beer?


It might be strange but when its fermented it gives a little different boost however haha

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