FedEx Deliver instructions


Hi, is it possible to add a Delivery Instructions field at Addresses?

I live in an apartment. From my address Fedex can tell I live on the second floor. But FedEx likes to leave the drinks downstairs under the blazing sun where it can be stolen (we have mail stolen multiple times already, but luckily not Huel). I need to add delivery instructions to “Leave in front of door on 2nd floor”.

I signed up at for the “FedEx Deliver Manager” and added my address but apparently you need to have a Fedex account number, which isn’t on the shipment label, and I think it is one account that Huel has for all their customers. So this means it’s a problem where only Huel can add delivery instructions for the individual addresses. So that’s why I’m requesting there’s a way to add delivery instructions.


Hi Weng! Sorry to hear that, we can definitely look into what other alternative we can suggest. I am going to drop a message to you so I can gather some more information and provide you with options to help in this matter