Excited... got tips?

Honestly I could have put this under several topics.

I made my first order today, waiting on arrival but while I am waiting I was hoping to get some recipe ideas and help? I work security and will be using Huel for my meals at work. Its nightshift. I am planning on replacing 2 meals a day with it, and still eating a regular meal for the last one.

Any tips and recipes to help me get started? <3

I recommend blending it in a blender and bringing to work in a cool packs. This not only makes the drink smoother, it also allows more possibilities for adding some stuff.

Most of my Huel drinks have one or more of these ingredients mixed in: peanut butter, Apple Sauce, frozen berries, peanut butter, cinnamon, raw cashews, banana, cocoa powder (without sugar), peanut butter, Walnut oil… And did I mention Peanut Butter? Yeah, cause I really like PB.


I picked up on the idea that you could use a wide mouth Hydro Flask to take pre-mixed Huel to work.


Does the apple sauce help with the texture? Just curious.

I’m not sure whether or not the apple sauce helps with texture, but the amount of water you use can make a big difference.

Yes, it does. I originally added it to see how it tasted, but it seems to also make the texture a little less “grainy” as an added benefit. Although, I’ve been drinking Huel for almost 3 months now so the texture is second nature to me.

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