Everything my body needs to keep the city powered

I just received my first delivery of Huel, and after thorough examination, it is clear that Huel contains all the macro and micronutrients to nourish my body and keep the city powered with clean, consistent electricity.

At first I wasn’t sure if this was the right product for me or the city. I’d done so much research and heard so many horror stories of similar products that resulted in gastrointestinal issues, but Huel is something different. I receive exactly the amount of chemical potential energy I need to stay alive and healthy. My thermal output is off the charts, many BTUs above other humans in my batch. The city is awash in soft LED light, and the water-control computers are operating at their full capacity.

The citizens and I can’t express our gratitude for such a wonderful product.



This was a message from one of the gut bacteria deep inside the biome ship known as “argvinfo”

“The city” is how their kind refers to the human body.

I’m very ‘pro’ biotic, so I appreciate how much effort it takes to get control of the vagus nerve long enough to get a message to the Huel forum. Nice work.


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i am very anti biotic

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