Drinking Beige, Cigarettes and Superheroes

Hello all. Yep, I’m new here. It’s lovely to meet you. I hope to be active on the forum, but no guarantees.

You see, I’m Becoming. That means I am learning to listen to my own voice again…to my body…to the quiet, constant comfort of my own counsel. HUEL is only part of it…or will be, starting tomorrow. But, my first order of Huel arrived tonight.

Super stoked, I decided to mix one up, just to check it out. Having watched dozens of videos online, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be likely to overindulge on Huel while trying for nutrition, and calorie/portion control.

Truly, I promise you, I wasn’t expecting gustatory decadence. But…warm and freshly shaken, it does leave quite a bit to be desired. So, I added some of the chocolate flavor system powder I also bought (“system”, really? That may be a tad bit prentious, but I’ll let it slide). Even warm, it’s not unpalatable, but…it tasted a lot like drinking the color BEIGE- I can’t imagine craving it! So, I think I’m good there.

In general, it’s waayyyy too easy for me to “drink my calories, and then some” on a daily basis. Seems unlikely with Huel- that is, until i figure out what to add to make BEIGE taste super delicious, because then, invariably, I will have turned it into a high calorie, sweet, oaty, milk shake I can’t quit. (Let’s hope I can do that without the extra calories! I’m ordering some sugar free matcha latte powder…I’m hopeful.)


You see, the benefits far outweigh the cons. I even made a list, just to be sure- or maybe to talk myself out of committing to The Beige Life. But…the lists looked like this:


  1. Beige
    a) Tan- beige with chocolate
    b) Antiqued Brown- beige w/chocolate and coffee

Note: Huel has none of the colors, or real variety, that my gypsy soul craves.


  1. Better nutritional intake
  2. Sustained fullness
  3. Portion/calorie control
  4. Ease of use
  5. Fewer groceries
  6. Money saved
  7. Better labs (my doc will love that)
  8. Increased energy
  9. Simple formula
  10. Less dishwashing
  11. More cabinet space
  12. Portability
  13. Earth Stewardship
    (Huelers! We can be superheroes that help save the planet from the ravages of rampant consumption!)
  14. Less grocery shopping
    (I hate those florescent lights and the smell of “fake food” - don’t even get me started on politics!)
  15. Less food waste/trash

…you get the point.

So, being the logical sort, the “right” path became abundantly clear to me.

Thus, I apologized to my friends and family tonight- in advance for my future, incessant rambling about Huel, the environment, my newfound lack of food waste and minimal trash, not to mention my freedom from a previously unending supply of dirty dishes, and the abundance of empty pantry/cabinet space I can now use to store and organize books, crafts, essential oils, and other sundries).

It’s coming, my obsession. I’ll become an annoying “Hueler” and no one will want to talk to me about food. ever. again. I have a high degree of confidence…wait for it.

Anyway, my Antiqued Brown over ice is chilling in the fridge for later consumption (“they” say it’s better that way). I’ll keep you updated as more details become available.

Did I mention I decided to try and quit smoking this week too? More on that another time. Until then…HUEL ON, fellow travelers!! Let’s see where this road leads…


re: beige

You know if that’s the only ‘con’ on your list, perhaps all you need is to reframe the nature of what you describe as beige to be the color of the canvas before you actually add whatever color/flavor you like. If you’ve ever tried to paint a wall after someone’s too-bold color choice, you know it takes many coats of paint. Huel UU has a bland starting point - but that’s good; you don’t have to work hard to overpower it.

On that note (and your prolific first post) I look forward to enjoying your description of future flavor combinations - the whole palate of colors in your kitchen are waiting to be discovered. I was surprised apple cider vinegar was as good as it is (with a little sweetener) I’ve been considering how to make something resembling pizza …


Hello miked-
Thanks for your response! To be clear, I started with the Vanilla Huel. I was surprised to find that it had next to no flavor and zero sweetness. I can only imagine how beige the UU must be! Ick! But yes, I agree. Given all the pros, a little reframe is in order. Huel just makes sense.

I will try the ACV…but you may be on your own with the pizza flavors. That’s a level of flavor complexity I cant wrap my brain around…yet.


Try a few of these options, added to 3 scoops of Huel and 500 - 600 ml water (icu cubes too):

  1. 10 to 12 raw cashews. They are naturally sweet and blend well with the oats. I also do cashews + Huel chocolate additive.

  2. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. I use the natural PB with no added sugar. But regular PB would probably be okay, only adding in a little bit of sugar. Again, PB blends well with oats and vanilla.

  3. Several frozen blueberries. This tastes really good with vanilla flavor. Berries are relatively small on added calories, but can boost the taste quite a bit. I bet blueberries and strawberries together would do well, too.

  4. 1/2 to 1 packet of swiss miss hot chocolate mix. Again, some sugar, but the flavor boost is really nice.

Always use a blender. Never the shaker, unless you have no choice.

And congrats on the smoking cessation. That is probably one of the best life choices you’ll ever make. Healthier and cheaper for you.

But I will leave you with this : just today, I saw a middle aged woman being put on withdraw of care here in the ICU where I work. She won’t see her 50th birthday. She deteriorated quickly over a period of a few months. She has COPD and pulmonary hypertension from decades of smoking (and I think her Fen-Phen use was a factor for the pulm HTN). Had the drug therapy actually worked, she’d instead be discharged on a $90,000 per year therapy called Remodulin which would require her to have an IV or sub-q pump implanted at all times, and then she would have likely died a few years later.


Trader Joe’s has a juice product called Purple Crush that is blackberries and strawberries and purple carrots - i put 200 mL of juice, topped up with water to 450 mL and 3 scoops. It was the most intense color of Huel I’ve ever made. It was not my favorite.

My daily preference is Diet V8 Splash red berries 100 mL, add 400 mL water, 3 scoops Huel. I mix with an immersion blender until smooth.

If I don’t manage to drink all my coffee before noon, I use it as the liquid for next breakfast Huel. That’s also really good - but does have me chugging 400 mL of coffee in 2 minutes where I’d normally drink that much over an hour.


Those are great suggestions, Deron and miked. Thank you. I will check out the TJ juice you mentioned (love purple things!) and the Diet V8.

As I walk this path it’s become increasingly clear how much I connect smoking with eating. That’s part of the reason I decided to address the smoking at the same time. So far, I am making positive changes.

I’ve even found ways to make the Huel more palatable. Amazing what 48 hours and some determination can do!

I have discovered that 2 loose scoops of VH, with a full 17oz of water, and 3 tsp of flavor (2 choc/1capp) is delicious- as long as I let it chill and percolate in the fridge for several hours. Really, it’s nearly perfect!

Since I am drinking Huel slowly, i don’t get overly full and then feel the need to smoke (as strongly). Overall, feelin pretty jazzed, and energetic!

Tomorrow will be my first day at work, while addressing both of my challenges- but I am confident! I even have 2 co-worker who are jumping on the Huel wagon with me. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Just know- I am determined, and definitely appreciate the support! Thank you both again. Be well…


Hi @everlight8!

Best wishes on your becoming! Huel has been a wonderful change for my health and well being. I love it for so many reasons! I hope it works great for you too.

I smoked 2 1/2 packs a day for 29 years. I started when I was only 12 years old. I had tried to quit without success a few times using various methods. What finally worked for me was simply going cold turkey. I used cinnamon sticks to give me something to hold onto and put in my mouth during the first weeks until I felt better about not doing something with my hands.

I quit on September 21, 2009 and haven’t picked up a cigarette since then. A friend was recently diagnosed with COPD and another friend is now disabled from issues related to it. :pensive: These women are only in their late 40s and early 50s. It’s heartbreaking. Quitting is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and one of the most difficult.

Stick with it! Push back against the cravings for just one moment at a time. Those moments will become days and then weeks and months. Soon it will become so much easier and the urge will fade and then be gone. Be strong! You can totally do this! :blush:


Oh, that’s interesting. So maybe part of the “pull” or the mental hold that smoking has is tied to the association of smoking after a meal. And by making a change in one, you might hope to disrupt the connection to the other.

And please understand that I am not judging in any way. I myself have a physical dependency on Afrin. (Yes, that is a real thing. Don’t use Afrin, people. The rebound congestion is the worst.) I’ve even gotten to the point where I administer a dose at certain times of the day or during certain activities. My wife/GF is always harping on me for my overuse. And I know it too. There is very much a habitual or psychological aspect of the addiction in addition to the physical withdraw aspect.

Smoking cessation is gonna suck. There’s no sugar-coating (or Sucralose-coating) it. You’ll feel craving and get ansty. That’s to be expected. In fact, you should welcome those symptoms since that means you are doing something right and making a change. Breaking habits always sucks at first. Keep at it. It is my hope that I can send some positive energy your way and thus deflect from the responsibility of breaking my own addiction.


I don’t know how looking it takes to break an Afrin addiction, but nicotine is about 3 days. If you can go three days without nicotine you are only left with psychological habits to retrain - Yeah, that’s difficult too, but the physical need is over.



After meals was the absolute worst time for me too. I have feels for ya!


My mom used to have a sinus meds addiction. It made her sinus issues worse. I assume it’s a similar thing. I remember it being awful on her when she quit it. Feels for you too!

Good luck to you both!


Oh boy I was addicted to Afrin too. It started out so innocently then BAM!! My body needed it and when i didn’t use it I felt like I was dying as I couldn’t breathe. I decided I had to break the addiction. It was tough but it’s over.


Have you tried substituting Ayr Nasal Saline Gel? I consistently have nose congestion (likely the cigarettes). I once had a Sinex w/Vicks habit, but no longer! The Ayr made the transition much easier, and still works wonders. Give it a shot!

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I am truly a Huel convert.


One week ago, I tried one shake.

In the last 7 days I have:

  1. Had 16 Huel meals
  2. Tried 8 different flavor profiles
  3. Lost 6 pounds
  4. Saved at least $50 on breakfast and lunch
  5. Told 20 people about Huel (referred 3!)
  6. Avoided the grocery store 6/7 days
  7. Spent less than $40 on groceries (gotta have clementines, string cheese, and veggies!)
  8. Saved on fuel costs
  9. Had sooo much energy!
  10. Slept more soundly (once I am able to sleep)
  11. Been more productive at work.
  12. Had to wash only one sink full of dishes.
  13. Thanked the Huel gods every day (since Day 3, anyway) for my change…a paradigm shift…a different appreciation/understanding of food as fuel.

Seriously. Life. Changing.

(I also bought 2 more bags on subscription, chocolate mint powder, and 4 more shakers!)


Deron (edited for accuracy)-

I just reread your post and this made me laugh:

“It is my hope that I can send some positive energy your way and thus deflect from the responsibility of breaking my own addiction.”

I totally get you. Best of luck to you, once you decide to take on the Afrin Addiction. Seriously, check out Ayr Saline nasal gel. It is super helpful to me! Admittedly, when I am sick, I still engage in other more harmful decongestants…I just cant stand clogged sinuses!

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LOVE the chocolate mint, Huel! Just like powdered girl scout cookies! Yum!

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To clarify, the post you quoted was from Deron.
(No worries)

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Ha! Right you are, good man! Clearly, I wasn’t paying enough attention. Thanks for clarifying!

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Hey I just ordered my first batch of Huel and am pretty much assuming I will react to it in a similar way as you - I already made a similar pros and cons list of what I expect to struggle with/get out of it that looked very similar to yours when deciding to order. I was wondering how it’s going for you now a few months in?

I also recently stopped smoking after many years on July 1. Three weeks in, it’s getting easier.

Congrats on quitting smoking and starting your journey to better health! :clap::clap::clap:
Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you get started!

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