Double charged & Huel cant be contacted?

Huel doubled ordered and double billed my account, after multiple times via email, Huel never responded. I’ll handle it through my bank. Fine way to deal with customers Huel!!

Why isn’t there a phone number?

I’ve never had an issue. I’m sure thousands of customers, like me, have never had an issue.

The number of posts in forums about issues is really not a good indicator of the quality of the product or the intent of the company. How difficult would it be to handle phone calls in real time, rather than force people to post in this forum (or worse, on social media)?

Hey Mike, this is so true. I have posted every way possible with no response. Never dealt with customer relationships lil this!!

Hey Kevin! Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re running a little behind on responding to emails and we do apologize for this! I’m sending you a private message now to figure out what happened and to get this sorted for you ASAP.