Truck driver needing help

Hi folks, I drive a truck 3rd shift and sleep in hotels during the day. Needless to say my diet consists of quick truck stop food. I just plain don’t like salads! So I’m looking at huel to take in the morning before I go to bed and one at night for my “lunch”. will 2 scoops actually fill me up? Do I need any other supplements to make this 2 of my meals?


One of the most surprising things for new Huelers is actually how full Huel makes them feel. Huel really fills you up and keeps you feeling full until your next meal! Here’s why: Huel uses oats as the primary source of carbohydrates, which release energy slowly. Huel also has a high protein content leading to a satiating effect. In addition to this, Huel has a good amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. This slows the digestion of the carbohydrates and keeps you full. All these factors combined have given Huel a Glycaemic Index of 27, which means your blood sugar levels stay consistent over a longer time. Some things I do to increase my satiety would be to make my Huel thicker, or space it out across the day.

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I’ve been providing Huel to a couple co-workers who used to eat fast food or other lower quality choices that still felt hungry afterwards - after Huel, they were really surprised how full it made them feel, where a few co-workers now opt in to using Huel instead of other foods for breakfast and/or lunch now. It definitely helps keep you full - everyone is different but give it a try.