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You should have a warning of which region you are creating an account with BEFORE not after you create an account.
I didn’t know to even pay attention to the region. Now I have 2 accounts. One for the UK and one for the US.

Combining them would be better but if you can’t for w/e reason then there should be an option to choose your region or a notice of which region you are signing up with.

Hope this helps people in the future.

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Also, stop asking me to identify US or UK stores to read articles you post - it doesn’t matter

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I made the same mistake, and for about a year I was using the UK forums without realizing there was a US side. A way to tell which one you’re on is to look at the address.

US = https://discourse.huel.com/
UK = https://discuss.huel.com/

US = discourse
UK = discuss

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We have this at the top of the UK/EU forum. I’m not sure if you see it when you create an account though.

Thanks for the feedback would you like one of your accounts deleted?

It does! Although a lot of the content is the same we also write region specific content e.g. when regulations are referred to. Stick to the US store for the more relevant article to you.

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When the article is about human health science, it shouldn’t matter which store you use, or whether you measure in cups and ounces or milliliters and grams.

I’m suggesting that it smacks of marketing. You could understand that my opinion is that it’s annoying and I’m explaining that I think it’s not more important than the content of the article such that it warrants a stopper to ask… but you suggest that I’m wrong because “it does matter” - so ok.

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Sorry I didn’t mean my reply to come across like that!

Thinking again if you select the US website and that’s your default you shouldn’t be asked to confirm your country each time you read an article. Do you remove your cookies or have any ad blockers that might be prevent this default option?

Ah! I always forget how much the internet still relies on cookies… thank you.

It would be cool if the web folks had better means for identifying the referrer is the ‘discourse’ subdomain and keeping me in the US silo (or no silo until purchase) but those would be design goals from the start of new-site planning. Obviously that’s a different scope than “remember cookies” :slight_smile:

Perhaps that prompt could be updated to remind me/us that it’s saved in cookies so that the repeated asking is related to action on my side ?

How frequently do you chat/ collaborate with the web nerds? I know I don’t get much feedback from my indirect consumers, which probably would be an area for improvement

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Great idea thank you!

Pretty frequently, we have internal instant chat systems and also the development team are improving their tools to allow them to see and fix issues before Hueligans ask.


I use mobile not than the computer.
If it does show in the android mobile version I never noticed it. Maybe it has something to do with my settings?

This topic was from a while ago though. I’m not to worried about it. It’s just annoying however I like seeing everyone’s perspective so I’ll just keep both accounts. Thank you for offering to delete one though.