Different starter kits for Hot&Savory vs Powder

I am thinking of subscribing to both Powder and Hot&Savory product lines and both of them have their own starter kits with different items included: Powder includes shaker and H&S includes pot. However, it’s only valid for first time customers and the site makes it impossible to subscribe to both at once. So after subscribing to one I’m no longer a first time customer and I lose the item in the other starter pack.

So my question is: am I forced to choose between getting a Pot or getting a Shaker? Is there any way to get both as a new customer?

I think it’s more about being a first time subscriber for each item, as they both require two separate subscriptions.

That might be the case, but can someone actually confirm? The way it’s written on FAQ page, it’s not clear what would happen.

I recently ordered a single hot & savory bag as an add on to my normal subscription and a cup was included with that for the h&s. If for some reason one isn’t included in your order the Huel reps on here are always willing to help and ship one out to you from what I’ve seen.

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If you subscribe to the powders first and then the savory after, you still should receive the scoop or pot!

@extesy I have dropped you a message to help you with this as well!

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Yes, I have received it. Thank you very much, it was very informative!