Delivered in 2 Days

Well, well, well, as I was enjoying the Huel drink that my daughter made for me from her order before mine arrived; it arrived!
Wow!!! Two days and delivered to my front door!! Got my two bags, 4 scoops, t-shirt, Huel tumbler, instruction book and referral coupon card!!
I am so excited about not cooking, not washing dishes and pots, not having to eat left-overs, not eating what things I don’t know are in my food, not craving, no food daydreams, not grocery shopping, not over spending on meals, not getting constipated from regular foods, not dehydrating, no gas, no belching, no acute diarrhea, no vomiting, etc., all that has good closure for me.
I have a freedom now that is mine, my secret happiness, my food pleasure that I can run to, my new mental champion stance.
Imagine me as Julie Andrews on top of the mountain on lush grass singing, The Hills Are Alive With Music.” Now “feel” that idea. Yeah, it’s the runner touching the ribbon at the finish line and transforming into the champion.
I can now eat with little energy used to digest, I will be alert and refreshed after eating, I will be nourishing each of my cells with what they need to function optimally, and a peaceful calm and good conscience will fill my heart, mind, and soul.
Sounding too optimistic? Nah, it’s just that I am what I eat. It’s about potential. Period.


Very nice. It’s good to see people get the most out of this product. I know it’s helped me a lot with meals at work.

I will disagree with one of your statements: “No gas”. This does not ring true for me. I do get the “Huel farts” from this on occasion, especially if I drink 3 scoops worth quickly.

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