Death of a Chronic Eater: My Heulogy

My desire is to basically beat the system of the chronic eater.

I eat when I’m hungry. I eat when I’m bored. I eat when I’m sad….and so on, and so on. Food has always been a great crutch and comfort. When I quit smoking last year, I ate more. When I gave up pretty much all drinking, I ate more. This has compounded the issues from COVID over the last year. My workout routine is poor since they closed the gym on the base where I work. There is no gym close to my house. I have a membership but I spend the better part of an hour just doing back and forth. Blah blah blah.

I’m 6’3” and 278 pounds. I’m big but carry it pretty well. More likely, I hide it well. I really do. The way I walk, carry myself, suck in the gut, etc…but I can’t hide it from myself. Blood pressure up, energy down. Not great signs for a recently retired 30yr military man now over 50. I need a change. I have three bags of Huel and will be going full Huel for a couple of weeks, and maybe keep up one to two meals a day after that for a month. I will add a bit of fruit to each shake. Bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. Maybe some mango. About a half cup total, not much more.
I intend to use my distanced gym three+ days a week. Need at least 30 mins cardio, a machine or three, and my aqua massage chair. :blush: Going to track my journey. Wish me luck.

Will stay open to beverages- water, coffee reg then decaf; stevia drink packs; tea…mostly water. :slight_smile:

Week 1: 22Mar21
Weight: 278lbs Waist: 42” Three shakes daily & ½ cup fruit each one in the blender.


You are going to crush your Huel Journey! I believe in you @ericscave :muscle:

Thank you for letting us come along with you on your journey! I look forward to seeing your progress.

I completely relate to everything you wrote (except being a 6’3" man). I love food. My doctor told me once that I have an unhealthy relationship with it. So be it. I still love it. He told me to think of food as fuel for my body - nothing more.

I’m also in my 50s, and I’m 5’8" at 142-ish pounds. I also hide it pretty well, but not well enough to feel good about myself. Before COVID I worked out at OrangeTheory 5 or so times a week. That’s a great work-out and a life-changer. In the past year, though, I haven’t felt safe to go there. I have some great equipment at home, and I need to get in a routine to make that happen.

The most frustrating part for me is that I feel that I’m close to being where I want to be - maybe just a few pounds away from what I would consider my goal. I just lack the discipline to get there.

I love Huel, and I’ve been a Hueligan for about 3 years or so. I only use it for lunch, but I enjoy the taste so much, I was thinking of trying it for a week or two with just Huel. Well, Huel and a Starbucks decaf Americano. A girl’s gotta’ have some joy.

I use U/U Huel, and I mix it with a heaping teaspoon of Ghirardelli double chocolate powder. It gives me a little bit of a chocolate-y flavor without being too sweet. If you are ever looking for a sweet treat, you should give that a try.

Good luck, and know that there are lots of us who will be right there with you, cheering you on!


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Thanks for the well wishes and ideas!! What I’ve discovered is its very similar to stopping smoking last year.

I’ll be clear on this first part. I am not hungry. I eat shake #1 around 0900, the second at 1400, and the last about 18–1900. On the last one, I may only use one scoop since I’m still full!! That surprised me.

Also surprising was the mental fight like smoking. Like in the cartoons where you have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other trying to convince you that its ok to reheat that pizza slice. Nobody will see. I’m not hungry, I just want the pizza and leftover half of the roast beef sub. LOL

Its quite the mental fight in the evening but not too horrible. Just gotta fight through it. :slight_smile:

Being a Chronic Eater is something I have struggled with since I hit my mid teens. My weight skyrocketed to 320 pounds and even though I am 6’ 2’’, it was crushing me. I slowly began to replace foods that were killing me with foods that could save me. No exercise really besides normal work. By my 30s I was down to 240 pounds and quite happy.

Now that I have hit my 40s, I have been using meal replacements for several years now to keep my diet even more steady at least twice a day and Im down to 210 pounds. Your plan will work! I just ordered my first batch of Huel and Im curious how it will work compared to the other meal replacements I used. The nutritional profile looks excellent. Let me know how it ends up working for you!

Week 2 Update! (should have posted on Monday)
First the metrics: Weight 274 (down just over 4 lbs.) Don’t expect this week to week but good start. that is with minimal exercise…work is insane right now…VERY hard to make time but trying.

I’ve gone to Huel for Breakfast and Lunch and a sensible dinner. I really had to find my groove on best times to eat/drink and how I like it. For breakfast, I wait until about 9am. I’ll have a normal two scoops, a banana, and maybe a few berries. All in my Nutra Bullet.

For lunch, maybe just one scoop and more fruit this time. Might add a couple hard boiled eggs or celery/carrots on the side.

Dinner come about 6pm in a sensible manner. Had taco salad last night. Lean turkey and home made spices. NO salt added. Lettuce, tomatoes, bit of cheese, meat/spices, and low sodium tortilla chips crushed on top.

My body seems to react better to a bit more regular food like I’m doing now. My Huel keeps me full and rolling all day, and I like to sleep after a nice normal dinner. :slight_smile: Everyone really needs to pay attention to their bodies and find their own groove.

oh AND HI JAHNRI!!! Keep at it. :slight_smile: It’s definitely a life change, not a diet. Only way to win. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you are disciplined - it may be hard, but you keep fighting, that’s impressive.

My problem is that I have been on a liquid diet for years now (long story, began as fear of choking, now really a phobia) … which caused chronic malnutrition at first, and constant hunger and cravings. As I couldn’t eat I started drinking to much - usually very sweet, milky drinks. Weight was only a problem in so far as I have been to thin - can’t remember times where this was not the case. I even want to gain weight. But what causes me trouble is thinking about “food” (sweet drinks) all the time, cravings, being unable to concentrate on the “important” things that I’d like to be able to force myself into doing…reading, learning/taking online courses etc. Often I also drink to much, which makes me feel full without getting all the nutrients I need. The result is being malnourished, having more cravings, problems concentrating etc. … not to speak about the other “side” effects like dry brittle hair, hair loss, dry skin etc.

The problem with Huel is that it is too “grainy”,/not liquid enough, doesn’t dissolve well, and that it tastes bad. And it causes an unpleasant feeling of being stuffed, you feel uncomfortably “full”.

(I know this sounds weird and sick, but that’s just the way it is and believe me - I already suffer enough from it…so please no silly comments…)

The common ground is that we all suffer from this “topic”. And NO - it is not that simple; you can’t just say: View it as something that is necessary and nothing more…there is much more to it than that…

Hi sierra!

    While we are in different lanes, we are in the same pool.  I understand disliking an aspect which turns you off.  My wife is the same way regarding texture,  Oddly for me, texture has no impact on the drink, but TEMPERATURE is huge.  I love it colder and thicker.  I will often chill after blending....and when I blend, it mean I blend.  I will let my nutri-bullet go for a good minute.  I love it as creamy as possible.
    There is still a bit of graininess, but for me its not too bad.  I suppose its the fiber or whatever has a tougher base consistency, but each person will have their own tolerances.
    Have you tried the flavor packets for Huel?  I'm just starting to and like it so far.  Just tried the berry and it is "VERY BERRY."  LOL.  In a good way for me. :)  Looking forward to Mint tonight with chocolate powder. :)
    I hope you can find a happy middle ground that works for you.  :)  Keep trying new things and maybe a combo will come across that you enjoy.  Best wishes. :

Great posts!
I’m 3 weeks in.
Long gone are the days of Coffee, VA Slims and Pepsi ……
Hard to believe that was our Go To !!!