DAE crave animal protein?

After a few days of only eating Huel and vegetables I found myself craving animal protein. This was especially true on days when I exercised in the morning. Use of a whey protein supplement curtailed the cravings but didn’t cure it.

Does this feeling go away? Is just something to expect based upon body and blood type?

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I’m no doctor, but that sounds like a bad case of vampirism.

Seriously though, interesting to hear about your cravings. Think a chicken sandwich would subside that? I personally have never fully removed animal protein from my diet, but fear I may need to take this into consideration with my recent Huel purchase. I plan on doing four shakes a day with no reliance on “real food” for the first month.

Will let you know if my vampiric cravings kick in as well…

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I started craving chips.

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Possibly because they mention chips in the welcome manual included with the Huel shipment? My girlfriend saw the page that compares Huel snacks to other more common but less health snacks (chips), and thought the manual recommended throwing chips into a Huel shake :joy:


I am still craving salt, though i am usually low on sodium. For the first few weeks i was craving meats and cheeseburgers. After a couple months those have subsided a bit, though i do have cheat days with burgers. Good luck hope it goes well for you!


I’m no doctor but I’ve been vegetarian for 5 years and it is my understanding that when you change the kinds of food you eat, it takes time for your gut bacteria to adjust and I have personally noticed that once I got used to not eating meat I found it disgusting. I think we settle into habits of eating certain foods and tend to crave what we regularly eat.

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If i wait till im hungry to the point my stomach tells me im hungry, i get cravings not especially for meat but “real food” so i just learned to drink before that happens

How much Huel were you consuming?

About 75 to 100% of my recommended daily calories.

Sorry, which was how much?

And where you having over your recommended calories including other foods?

2,000 calories was my goal.
I would use Huel vanilla for most or all of this, not including calories from vegetables.