Correcting gut biome

So I understand when starting huel it gives us bad gas because our gut biome hasn’t adjusted yet, but I’m looking for methods to speed this up.

I watched a documentary where ants transfer their gut biome from one to another with faecal transplant, so I guess my question is, if you licked someone’s butt who had already been on huel for a while, would your gut biome adjust faster?

No. …just No.

Probiotics wouldbe much easier than whatever bizarre networking event you were planning :wink:

I’ve got to be honest here, @TheSolitron, you’ve left me a bit speechless here :joy:

That would be a very specific personal ad :sweat_smile:

Huel already contains pre and probiotics. Your body is going to do whatever it’s going to do to adjust. For me it was about a week. After that, never any issues.

There is a supplement product out there in Internet-land for probiotics that advertises more of the good bacteria survive the trip through stomach acids and make it to the intestine. Lots of science-y stuff on the website and they talk a good game. I’ve never tried it, nor had a need to as my gut biome adjusted with Huel alone. A decent Google search will find it.