Constipation / painful movements

I’ve been on a mostly HUEL diet but since I started HUEL pooping is like having a baby (and I’m a man). It’s a hard and painful process where my poop is hard and huge.

Anyone had similar experiences? Any suggestions? I drink 8 glasses of water daily.

I’ve been having an amazing experience otherwise, lost weight, enjoy HUEL, just Need to find a natural way to ease this issue.

It’s hard to say exactly as everyone is different but you could increase your water intake to see if that helps or you could increase your soluble fiber intake. Foods which are high in soluble fiber are bran, barley, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, peas.


YES, if you mix a HUEL drink and leave the bottle in the sink but don’t clean it you’ll see that the remaining HUEL will harden. I imagine this is what happens in the body. I’ve had to give myself enemas and take laxatives to clear it out when things got really backed up.

A natural laxative ought to be added to counter this.
When I make Huel in my blender I’ll add any of these ingredients to help stay regular: apple, pear, prunes, Kiwi, figs, spinach, kefir etc.

Additionally, a study in rats fed kefir showed increased moisture and bulk in the stool, which would make it easier to pass (67Trusted Source).

Kefir can be enjoyed plain or added to smoothies and salad dressings. It can also be mixed in with cereals and topped with fruits, flaxseeds, chia seeds or oat bran to add some fiber.

I’ll keep trying different ways to help stay regular.
I still LOVE HUEL and tell people all about it. I give samples out at work to people who are interested.
The concept is what everyone needs. An easy way to eat healthy and quickly.
I work in a hospital with patients and before HUEL I had a hard time eating healthily or at all.

I mostly use a blender to make life easier and to mix in other ingredients.

Could be your body is just adjusting or if you’re using regular milk as a mixing liquid, I’ve never had any issues while taking huel (using almond milk), what are you using as a liquid for Huel?

YES, I love Huel but the constipation is an issue. I am taking natural laxatives and drinking a lot of water.

I Googled “foods to help constipation” and am adding them when I use my blender to mix my HUEL.

When thing are really backed up I give myself an enema. And I must say enemas are HEAVENLY when you are feeling so constipated. They are easy to do and very effective. I’m still on my quest to have regular bowl movements.

I also installed a BIDET which is an amazing invention that has been used for thousands of years. They can be easily installed on any toilet and are very inexpensive … search on Amazon and Google it.

“Give me Huel give me Fire give me that which I desire”

A SUPER food I learned about is “Broccoli Sprouts” check it out. Game Changer.

Sounds like alot of work just to consume Huel… Are you sure it’s the cause of your digestive issues?

I’m fairly certain that its HUEL that has led to my digestive issues, I experiment with days on/off etc. to see what happens. I consume it with almond milk.

Apologies, that response was for givemefuel.

Experimenting is good, I’m very curious to hear how you solve the problem (unless you decide to stop drinking Huel altogether).

I am just about to start HUEL but did run into the same problem you are having while doing another meal replacement. I longed for a normal BM. My solution was to add one dose of MiraLAX to my morning shake and that help move things along and made things more “normal” as far as BM’s go. I will have it at the ready as I start HUEL. All of the main drug stores have their own brand of MiraLAX for less $$. I also agree with @Dan_Huel - keep up your water intake and make sure you are consuming additional soluble fiber.

I know this is an older thread, but for anyone who struggles with constipation I highly recommend Smooth Move herbal tea by Traditional Medicinals ( I get mine at Walmart for ~$5 USD/box. It is more effective and yet more gentle than any other laxative I’ve tried. It’s been a lifesaver for myself and some family members.

Apparently this was reported as spam. Sorry if it came off that way. I am not affiliated with Walmart or Traditional Medicinals, and only posted it in hopes that it would help the OP and others find something that works for them. It’s the best laxative I’ve found so far and hope it will help someone else.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water when using Huel. It has a lot of fiber, which is great, but a lot of fiber + too little water = constipation.

(If this post violates some terms or conditions of the forum, please let me know rather than just reporting it. I’m just trying to help out here.)

It’s okay we know your post is here to help others like you said, which is why it’s here to stay!