Chronic constipation vs Huel

I think any food that softens the poo is a divine gift from the gods.

This is because, starting with my grandpa (possibly even before that), taking a dump has been the most painful experiences of my life, I always use water to soften the turds as they fall. Sometimes I’ll crap such a mighty big and dry one that it’ll just rip my hole and cause me to bleed. See, hemorrhoids are the only thing I inherited from my grandpa.

Anyway, I’ve heard Huel makes you fart a lot, I think that’s a good sign for people like me, eh? Does it have enough fiber to relieve someone of constipation?

If you are suffering chronic constipation, please see a doctor. It can be a sign of something serious. You may have something that is related to a food allergy, or you may have something more serious, such as a thyroid problem. One should not bleed when one defecates. So, Please see a doctor if you continue to have issues with your regularity.


Huel is a great source of fiber, so typically this can improve BMs. However, we agree with @tiny.ian and think you should see a doctor about this for any underlying causes.

I have a post on the forum about how Huel saved my life, and my early issues were severe constipation… Huel saved my life in one week

I had massive pain trying to go, even on a good day. It basically felt like it was tearing its way out of me. I was out of breath from the effort sometimes. I did not realize until I went all Huel and my inflammation abated, that my rectum and sphincter were chronically swollen. I had pressure and pain that also varied how much I could squeeze past the inflammation. I had to take laxatives all the time to get past it, even though it was not really constipation. I still do not know the cause of the inflammation, but it became quite apparent something had my whole body inflamed, even my eyes. For me, Huel apparently has the magic bullet for my body. I cannot claim it will work for you, but if you feel any pressure in your sphincter, you may have inflammation like me. Mine started like yours, but became a living nightmare over the years.

Aside from that, Huel definitely helps, but if not Huel only, it will be dependent on many other factors. My suggestion is to try Huel and water for a week and find out. I am happy to help you through it, if you like. If you stick to it, you may be surprised by the end of the week. I was beyond surprised myself.

Let me know if I can help. Best of luck to you.