Pea Protein concerns

Hi Newly minter Hueligan here. I’ve been wanting to try Huel for awhile now and i’m finally on the beat and using it for the last week. Great product and definitely fulfills a nutritional gap i’ve had in my life for awhile.

In an effort to bring this to people I know I let my friend check out the ingredients and he mentioned the pea protein might be an isolate. Now hes kinda of a nut when it comes to things and he says his nutritionist says protein isolates can lead to cancerous affects. being that this is like the second or third ingredient in your mix I was wondering if this is true. or perhaps you can shed more light on pea protein.

Hey Matthew - Welcome to the Huel forum! :grin:

I am not aware of this and I just did a very quick search on PubMed regarding pea protein isolate and cancer/carcinogens and was not able to find anything to that effect.

Huel does contain pea protein isolate. See here for a bit more about the ingredients in Huel powder!

Would you be able to send along any research regarding this - or possibly ask your friend? Let me know!

I would say the onus is on this friend’s supposed “nutritionist” to provide evidence that protein isolates lead to cancer.


yeah Ill just keep going until I see a doctor :stuck_out_tongue: