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Hello I was wondering how much caffeine is in different huel powders as I have a heart condition meaning I can’t drink caffeine but I’ve drunk huel chocolate on the go and was thinking of getting powder as it’s cheaper and lasts longer I’m aware chocolate products have caffeine in and I drink decaf coffee which has about 2mg of caffeine in I know huel black has more than that in but does either the essential or other on have less?

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Some of the Huel range does contain caffeine but there are also lots of flavors that are caffeine-free.

We have had the Powder v3.1 tested and the results have shown that they don’t contain any caffeine except for Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Coffee Caramel.

The amounts of caffeine in these flavors can be found below:

  • Chocolate - 5mg of caffeine per 100g serving
  • Coffee Caramel - 34 mg of caffeine per 100g serving
  • Salted Caramel - 3mg of caffeine per 100g serving
  • Mint Chocolate - we don’t have the tests back for this exciting new flavor yet, but it will have some caffeine based on the inclusion of chocolate. I will update this thread when I find out the number!

The test for the Black Edition vanilla, unflavored, banana, and strawberry shortcake showed undetectable levels of caffeine.

The rest of the range, however, does contain caffeine and the amounts can be found below:

  • Black Edition Chocolate contains 6mg per 90g serving
  • Black Edition Salted Caramel contains 3mg per 90g serving
  • Black Edition Coffee Caramel contains 66 mg per 90g serving
  • Black Edition Cookies & Cream contains 12.5mg caffeine per 90g serving

The test for the RTD showed that these two flavors contain caffeine, please see the amounts below:

RTD v1.0 Chocolate contains 15mg/bottle
RTD v2.0 Iced Coffee Caramel contains 65mg/bottle

Per serving, Huel Complete Protein Bars and Daily Greens contain undetectable levels of caffeine.

If you wish to read an article on our website about caffeine and coffee, here is a direct link! Health Benefits of Coffee – Huel

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