Chocolate mint flavour pouch

I’d been considering buying the chocolate mint flavour boost and the caramel one.

I finally took the plunge on the chocolate mint, and I have to say, it’s awesome.

I feel that by including the newer flavours in the sample packs (even if it means a slight price increase) could mean greater sales of the big pouches.

I bought the new mint one too and love it. I would like to see more free samples from Huel though. I bought a sample batch of flavours about a year ago, so know which ones I like and which I hate. I don’t think I should have to buy a whole new sample batch each time a new flavour is released to try one new flavour, nor do I want to risk £7.50 on a flavour which will rot on my shelf like ‘strawberries and cream’ , absolutely disgusting.

I don’t feel that the samples need to be free. I’d happily pay for them. I just feel like only being able to buy some of the flavours in large quantities isn’t great for the customer or the merchant.

I’ve still not been able to locate anybody who has tried the caramel one. I think that’s probably down to a combination of being unable to try it before buying a big bag, and the fact that toffee (which is likely to be similar) was a complete non-event in the trial pack I had.

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