Chocolate flavor change?

Hi, I wanted to jump on this thread because I just opened a bag of Huel Chocolate White and it’s terrible. It’s very bland and has almost no taste. I took the bag this morning and mixed it thoroughly with a spoon before serving, same results. Should I start a separate thread? My lot information:

LOT:BC21105 02:28

A spoon?!

Why not use the accompanying shaker?

I would take a guess the spoon won’t blend the powder and liquid together well enough.

What kind of liquid do you use?

You will get various results using milk, water, juice…

Give the bag a good shake to make sure ingredients haven’t sifted.

Or…maybe you got a bad batch. Does happen😢

We are saying the same thing. I shook up the bag, and then I stirred the dry powder in the bag with a spoon to try and make sure it was completely mixed.

Ah, thought you meant your shake. <-----the beverage you consume.

Is why I asked about liquids…

Ah, well…

Hi Dan,

Sorry that you feel that your batch is not right in terms of taste and I have dropped a personal message to get more information on yoru account and order so we can sort this with you.

Hi Domenique, I’ve been emailing with:

Charlotte Marie Werner, MS, RD, CDN

After I posted that comment on the Huel forum the person who responded seemed like he was a customer and not someone who was experienced (and helpful). So I signed into my Huel account and sent another message that way. Thanks for reaching out but I believe Charlotte is taking care of me.


Oh lovely! If you have any additional questions, let me know!

The last order I got which I received in June tasted so bad and terrible I had to throw it away. They shipped me a Gluten Free Chocolate and said it was the same chocolate taste i’ve had before. But it’s extremely tasteless. I’m lucky I still have chocolate mint and mocha flavor boosts. I loved the Chocolate flavor huel I didn’t use flavor boosts. Now I feel like I have to. I hope this is just a mix up and not something they plan to keep permanent. They need the original chocolate flavor back.