Chocolate - black vs V3

Ok to start, I guess it’s V3 its white bag chocolate lol. I went from the old unflavored/unsweetened to Huel Black in Chocolate and if anyone saw my previous post, I LOVE IT. I went from liquid oatmeal to chocolate bliss. I just got my first bags of V3 chocolate to compare…I decided I wanted both in my cabinet because I needed to fit my macros better and honestly once I start eating carbs that aren’t Huel ---- I dont stop until I’m asleep in a food coma…

So here we. I am currently sipping the V3 and the oatmeal taste is back - to be expected since it has oat flour and Black does not. So while I still prefer the Black and how smooth it is, the regular chocolate aint bad. I look forward to the Black and honestly after the first sip of the regular…I frowned a little. It’s not bad but not as tastey as the Black purely due to the strong oat flavor.

Regardless, my significant other just lost his job amid the pandemic so on top of health reasons and time savings I get from buying this stuff, now I really need the money savings too.

So here I am making sure I meet all my macros by adjusting and incorporating both the black and the regular huel into my diet depending on my activities for the day.

I also usually chug the Black because I like it so much…the regular I am slowly sipping currently. I heard if you drink it slower, you have less digestive issues so that might be good in this case. The Black version never upsets my stomach.

Anywho, for those curious about comparing the two, there ya go. :slight_smile:
PS: I use an immersion blender and half water and half unsweetened vanilla almond milk in mine so I never have clumping issues and it’s pretty tastey regardless of which one I drink.