Carotid Stenosis and Huel

I recently learned I have a 50% blockage of my carotid arteries in both sides of my neck. I was shocked for a few days afterwards as I fancied myself an invincible athletic type. The day before my test results I ran 8 miles easily and felt great. I am a male, 56 years old.
Ok, fast forward a few weeks and I have just received my first order of Huel. I ordered plain and unsweetened. My plan is to eat as healthy as possible and I see Huel is vegan and I wanted something supplemental to add to my plant based diet. I have not eaten any processed food since my test results and Huel will be my first processed intake. I am hoping the community here can give me some pointers about living and keeping blockages from getting worse or possibly even reversing my stenosis? Does anyone have any feedback after using Huel for a while on the effects it had on blocked arteries in your chest or neck? Good or bad.


In my opinion, Huel is minimally processed. I’ve been consuming it twice a day for about 18 months now, along with a “regular” plant-based meal.

No clogged/blocked arteries, that I’m aware of. I’ve also dropped 94 lbs (if it matters).