Can't order; valid email address rejected

I just tried to place a subscription for Huel Powder on the German Huel Website, but the email validation system incorrectly dismissed my email address.

The displayed error message suggests that this affects the whole mail server of my university: “This domain does not exist or does not support email.”

Note, that not even a month ago, I was able to place a non-subscription order with the same email address, so this is probably due to a recent change on the website or differences in the subscription vs non-subscription pages.

Hey there! I’ll pass this message to my team in the EU. I’m not too sure as to what the error is here but once I have more info I will let you know.

My team says it might have something to do with the domain name.

Yep, that’s what the error message says. My point is that it might not be a good idea to exclude valid email addresses from the order process, raising the entry bar for potential customers, who then have to register a new email address for the sole purpose of ordering at Huel.

For me personally the problem is solved, as I remembered that I had an old Huel account, but I still thought you guys might want to fix this for other customers. My universities domain is probably not the only one excluded by the mail verification software.