Cancel Order #746007

I had an open paused subscription that I didn’t realize until I got the order email. I cancelled it but not in time. I would like this order stopped in transit and returned for a refund if possible. I do not want to have to risk going to a post office during this time to make a return. I live in a coronavirus hot spot and we have stay-at-home orders in the state.

It would be helpful if orders can’t be cancelled, that an email goes out a day before the order is confirmed so changes can be made. Other subscription services like Blue Apron do this.

Hi Shawn! Usually once orders are processed, it takes little to no time to reach our fulfillment and at that point we are not able to make any changes. In addition, Huel sends out an email three days prior your next order being processed, perhaps, it may have landed on your junk mail, which could be a reason as to why you could not find that email.

However, I have found your email and emailed you back with a resolution on your current issue!