Calories per bag?

I ordered 16 bags Nov 25th and the calories came out to 112,000 which is 280 meals at 400 calories each. When I checked the page today the calorie counter was removed and now it just has 16 bag / 272 meals but that comes out to 108,800 calories. So I was just wondering what changed?

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I am sure of the math. I found this post when I was looking to see if there was already an answer to my question but this is from over a year ago so I was trying to figure out if this information is still accurate. Cause if it is then at 7,000 calories per bag x 16 bags would equal 112,000 calories.

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Hey Jesse, I’ve linked a previous forum thread where we talk about amount per bag here!

To summarize here, we fill Huel bags to 7000 calories per bag so this would equate to 112,000 calories if you were to order 16 bags. We round down to 17 servings per bag (rather than 17.5 servings) as a result of FDA regulations.