Bloat and a cure?

Now I have seen a lot of people notice that when you first start huel you start to feel bloated and end up getting a lot of gas. There are a lot of speculations and I have one of my own. I found that if I start feeling bloated and gassy I can take an 8-hour energy or a gfuel that has a lot of b vitamins in it and the bloat and gassiness goes away (usually in 30 minutes). It makes me wonder if It’s just me or the product might not have enough vitamins to aid in its own digestion.

I know it claims to be 100% complete, but if taking more vitamins stops the bloating and gassiness then maybe it is not 100% complete. So if you are experiencing gas and boost, try taking a multivitamin or just a b vitamin complex of an energy drink.

Hey @lordtheobald - great question!

I can assure you Huel is nutritionally complete in that it meets at least the general recommendations for essential nutrients when consumed at 2000 calories! For more on this, see here.

When it comes to bloating and gas, this is usually more with regard to

  • The speed at which someone may consume Huel (and the fact that some of our products are consumed as fluid, which may be a lot of volume for some to handle in a very short period of time)
  • The frequency of consumption (in that some tend to swap over to consuming a bunch of Huel very quickly) and the higher fiber content.

Hope this is helpful! Have you tried changing either of the above before and if so, has it helped?

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