Blender for Huel

I have several large blenders in my kitchen, but they are simply too large for blending Huel. Not fun to clean, etc. I usually add more ice than I need and more than 17 ounces of water/milk/etc. to stretch the shake further visually and by the amount of liquid. Just two scoops.

I picked this up: NutriBullet NB50200OR Select 1000 Watt Orange.

It seems to be about the perfect size and I can add some frozen fruit if I wanted. Easy to clean, not too big, easy to leave out or put away, and quality enough to last for many years of daily use.

What might you be using?

Hi, I bought a Blendjet (around $50) and have used it while traveling with Huel and it has worked very well for me. Blendjet is a battery operated small blender.


Funny you mentioned this. I purchased a Blendjet recently and while its not perfect, its perfect for me. Just having the self cleaning feature on hand is so convenient, quiet and portable. You just fill it up with water + soap and one cycle and its clean! Only caveat is you pretty much have to charge it after each use which is still worth it to me.

Id say if you can purchase something smaller it will be more manageable and easier to clean. The Nutribullet brand is one of the best and classic in my opinion, however, im sticking with my Blendjet until something else as small catches my eye.

Update us on what you find @edolecki :calling:

I’m happy with the NutriBullet.

I’m not sure what my approach might be while traveling. Probably ready to drink if I wasn’t flying and the stay wasn’t too long. I have a dedicated cooler for my car for keeping things cool during road trips.

If flying then I might pack a bag of Huel and then consider one of those small battery-powered blenders as you mentioned. Or give up Huel while away and enjoy restaurants and local cuisine.


I also love the Blendjet 2!
They are now selling larger blender containers for them, including a 32oz one. I use the middle-sized for Huel, granted it’s still a bit small for the water required!

Agree. I sometimes I blend, take a sip, add water and blend again.:tornado: Thanks for sharing.