Black or regular for weight loss

I’ve gained a bit of weight during quarantine. I started walking daily for a bit but I’m so out of shape I can’t handle more than that exercise wise for the moment. I’m going to only use Huel as my food for a while to see if I can lose weight that way. I calculated about 1200 calories a day or 3 servings of Huel. I like the taste of Huel black better than regular but does it matter which one you use if your goal is weight loss?

Hey there! :slight_smile:

This was discussed a bit on a recent post here.

  • In brief, either Huel powder (v3.0 or Black Edition) can be suitable as part of your intake if you are looking to lose weight. It mainly comes down to your preferences. This is also a super cool new tool on our website that you may find useful.

In terms of weight loss, we have a section on this page that goes in depth with various guides/articles.

In general, you want to be sure that you are consuming enough energy to fuel you throughout the day and creating habits that you are happy to maintain! Making smaller changes to diet/lifestyle are usually best as they add up over time and are more sustainable when compared to large sudden changes.

If you are looking to lose weight, I’d suggest you slowly start to make changes to your daily intake and/or lifestyle (rather than switching over to having Huel 3 times per day right away). Maybe start with one meal in addition to the increase in exercise you mentioned, and then figure out what would be best from there and what will work best for you once you’ve adjusted a bit!